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From a learner to learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HandsOffMaDuke, May 5, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Thought it might be handy for others to learn from my experiences as a new rider! Some things I wish I knew to begin with:

    -For the love of all things holy dont get sucked into a project bike just because its cheaper to purchase initially! For a first time rider getting a new bike is a good move.

    -This goes for everything else too. Even if you're tight on cash, by spending that little bit more to begin with you will save in the long run.

    -Get gear appropriate for your weather conditions, I find dri-rider stuff really is fantastic in the rain. Draggin jeans are great.

    -Make sure you get gear that fits right! There is nothing more annoying than gloves that are too big. Or small for that matter. On jackets, sleeves that are tight and sleeves that flap in the wind. Don't do it to yourself, find the right size.

    -So yeah tinted visors are cool, but consider getting caught out at night. Bugs in the eyes and a frozen nose isnt fun. But then neither is glare on a bright day. I found a helmet with a double visor. A full clear one and a half tinted one that you can have up or down. Very useful!

    Those are just a few things that spring to mind and ill leave it at that before i create an essay.

    Oh, put your helmet before your gloves and park arse in!
    Have fun and be safe. :angel:
  2. There's a whole range of options between a project bike and a new bike. Given that new riders are far more likely to drop the thing, the general wisdom suggests against a new bike. The best choice depends on a mixture of factors including your mechanical aptitude, your budget, etc. Certainly it's ideal to get the most generally reliable brande and model for your needs in the best mechanical condition and youngest age that you can, so you can get out and ride rather than fiddle. But then fiddling is a big part of the experience for some.
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  3. Not every new rider is going to be squeemish about getting their hands dirty. I bought a pretty ratty GS500 cos I only had a couple of grand to spend. It got me out on the road getting valuable saddle time a lot sooner than I otherwise could have been and it immediately started paying for itself in not having to drive.

    I've had to do a fair bit of work to it including a new motor, but GS500 parts are cheap and readily available. Half the reason I got the bike is because I don't have the space to work on cars any more.
  4. G'Day mate, I'd take you up on this point,

    Firstly: LAM's bikes are bloody expensive for what they are and once most(now not so new) riders have finished their restrictions the first thing they will want to do is upgrade to something with a bit more fun in it.

    Secondly: There is a major chance the newer rider is going to suffer a few bruises and scratches along the learning curve as will the bike, better to scratch an older bike than a new one, that's why I have always advocated buying a used bike as your first. Save your real money for the dream bike you want when you're off restrictions,

    Thirdly: Not everybody gets into riding with a big budget or the desire to go into debt, and

    Finally: Most of us would know somebody (a few have passed through Netrider) who have bought all the gear and the bike only to find they aren't comfortable riding or lose their bottle after a close or too close a shave.

    BTW: you can learn a lot about a bike when you start pulling it apart.
  5. I love it when people with <10 posts make sweeping knowledge threads like this :D
  6. looking forward to your essay

    so i can get out my big red pen
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  7. My apologies. What I meant to say in terms of a project is to understand that there inevitably will be extra cost involved and to really know what you're getting into. Saying this as I had absolutely no idea and the money and effort required was quite a shock. And by "new" I meant... not a project...you are very correct and I can see I should have been way more specific. 8-[

    I am delighted that you look forward to such an essay. What better way to learn than from such corrections as evidently I have just done.
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  8. So you can only have knowledge if you have a lot of posts?
  9. No, but it's a bit arrogant to pass it off as gospel when you have so little experience.
  10. No apologies needed mate, projects do have a nasty habit of costing you a lot more than you intended to spend, but when they are finished you sorta forget all that, you sit back, admireit, and start considering what you're next project will be..
  11. Well this is the learners forum and the title is "From a learner to learners". I think that puts the rest of the post in context. I don't think too many people would think that's arrogant. Or should learners stick to just posting questions and being told they should have googled first?
  12. Learners passing on possibly incorrect information to other learners doesn't help anyone. I'm not having a go at the guy, but considering the first several replies were from more experienced riders pointing out flaws in what he's said, I don't think I'm out of line to point it out
  13. Well isnt the whole point of a forum to learn and discover? In creating this thread indeed I have learned! And as a result of the corrections by those that replied so will any other learner. By no means did I intend to appear as passing off gospel. Chill.
  14. False information is false no matter who is serving it up as fact. In fact I will go one step further and say it is the experienced people giving out bad tips that are more dangerous. Fewer people are willing to call them out, whereas a learner rider is seen as easy pickings.
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  15. There is life before netrider. Not every new member to the forum is new to riding. Maybe not in this case granted but that's a pretty sweeping generalization you're making
  16. Agreed
    Just as there is life after netrider.

    netrider is not the only source of information.
  17. I'd wager the vast majority of new members to this forum are new to riding too, but either way except for my first post in this thread, everything else I've said was specific to this particular incident.