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From a GPX- 250 to a CBR 1100 XX - 2 Week report

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. After riding my Blackbird for a couple of weeks I thought I'd post a report for other new riders interested in a bigger bike. I passed my Q-Ride about 4 months ago and have since done around 3500kms. I started as recommended on a 10 year old GPX-250.

    I wasn't sure if I would like riding enough to buy something more expensive, so I started down at the cheaper end of the market. As predicted I really was searching for more power and reliability after a couple of months.

    After much research and deliberation I decided that a Blackbird was the way to go. The ability to ride 2 up in comfort plus her beautiful shape :cool: - just seemed like the best choice. I really didn't want a dedicated sports bike and while this is no slouch I love the touring capabilities and my wife is even half keen about going on the back.

    So after trading in the GPX-250 I was standing in the Honda show room as the sales guys rolled her out onto the pavement. Looking at this massive bike, I'm thinking
    "OMG I'm actually going to get on it and ride away!!" :eek:

    After about a 10 minute run down and some rather noob questions I start riding off down the street. If you are at a similar level of experience and get on a bike that you know is very quick then basically you are going to go very very slow. I am happy to report that you can go as slow on this bike as you like. While the throttle doesn't need to move too much before your generating alot of power the adjustment time happens within about 10kms so you get use to it quickly. Handling is superb. I would have thought a heavy bike was going to be extremely hard to manage. You can be slow and deliberate which I really like. Moving through corners at lower speeds is very pleasureable. :grin:

    Are there any down sides? Hmmm - it's soooooooo fast. I haven't gone over 5K rpm, but the acceleration is just.....mind blowing. It's so easy to out accelerate every car that you need to keep a running mantra of safety rather than letting mr ego take over. I blame the whine it makes when climing up the speed it's soooo sexy and I feel like I'm flying a jet. :p

    I'm booked into a Stay Upright advanced course in a couple of weeks and looking forward to improving all aspects of my riding.


    [My whole journey on to two wheels has been with the help and advice from the netrider community and has become my main resource as a new rider so a big thanks to the people that make this forum happen.]
  2. Photos! We want Photos!
  3. bastard :p

    Great work, I am like you were a bit worried about the upgrade when it occours but now can't wait.

    Keep on smiling, did I say I was jealous :LOL:
  4. I have always been interested in the Blackbird (I think they look dam nice, especially the metallic red or blue ones), but not ended up with one.

    I got close with a VFR800 in '04 and I assume the Hayabusa I had was a lot like the BB in power delivery. I think the BB would be much better at weather protection and on long touring, like my VFR was.

    Watch the linked brakes on slow "u" turns, they can make your bike want to drop.

    I'm going to have to find a test ride on a BB one day. Or get another VFR :p

    Great story, take it easy on that BB :)
  5. Yep, I'm insanely jealous! :evil:
    A metallic blue Blackbird parks next to me at uni, it's a real nice looking bike. I'd love to upgrade to one of them when the time comes.

    Congrats anyway. :biker:
  6. Great story sonicbaz, sounds like the bb is a blast! Photos would be good. :) Did you test ride anything else from the Honda stable?
  7. goodone mate,bikes aint made to fall over,trust in the bike keep the throttle on,she"ll be right
  8. Am I the only one who finds their looks completely old and outdated? I still think the busa wins hands down in the looks dept, not to mention the power dept.
    I'm sure its a nice bike though.
  9. #9 sonicbaz, Jun 7, 2006
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    Posted this the first weekend I got it, but for those that haven't seen it..........


    I think the bike looks amazing and the fact it's so refined and has a long development history is a bonus.
  10. I agree the Busa is a nicer looking bike too than the blackbird , if more sporty is what you want (Split seat etc and many great colour options). Power wise the Busa wins hands down (even more so after a Dyno tune) and is better on fuel too (according to the UK write-ups of the time and I found you could get over 340klms+ on a long trip out of a tank before reserve).

    Busa cons; it has a crap standard headlight, looks very big (Infact the bike looks like a big light blub with wheels), dash looks old, you can't see the dash very well with the standard screen, OEM brakes feel like it's not going to stop and has a handlebar position you either love or hate. God I miss it at times :p

    And that Hayabusa symbol on the side (pwooor) strikes fear into people...
  11. I don't think either the 'Busa or the 'bird look like ultra-modern cutting-edge motorcycles. But who cares?

    The Hayabusa's a love-or-hate proposition when it comes to styling, the Blackbird is blander (though still pleasant to look at).

    Neither was intended to seem dated after 12 months (unlike pretty much any Japanese 600 or 1000 sportsbike).

    I'd be happy to upgrade to either of them. :)
  12. Gromit, I think you summed the looks of both bikes up there very well. :)
  13. good work SonicBaz, If I see you on the road anywhere I'll just look at you in jealousy while I sit on my 250 rocket :LOL: