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From 2009 CB400 to 2006 ZX6R (636)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Azzab, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys n gals

    Well Im 3 months into my RE and loving life on two wheels. Keep thinking to myself why didnt I do this earlier (now 30yrs old).

    Anyway I bought a 2009 CB400 classic red/white/blue colours which has been a trusty steed during my learning so far. For a leaner bike it is, to say the least - brilliant. So stable, easy to tilt, heaps of top end grunt and comfy as.

    In saying that I still cant wait to get a supersport when I upgrade - something Ive wanted since I was 18.

    I want a bike with good pull/torque through the entire range (for a 600 anyway) and a comfy ergo setup (for a supersport anyway ha) and circa $8000. So after reading every review I can find I have my heart set on a 2006 ZX6R. I was thinking of a GSXR750 but knowing my taste for speed think its best to slowly work my way up, have many more years of riding left in me so plenty of time to get faster bikes later on.

    So Id love to hear feedback from people who have them or have riden them. Oh and I know Im 9 months off but doenst hurt to dream... right?
  2. gotta dream!

    i hear good things bout the zx-6s, if i was to go for a supersport thats one id definately test out!
  3. The 636 and the GSXR750 are both very good things.

    Mind you - some of us like the sheer stomp of a litre class bike. It is addictive. Not many people step back down. They spoil you for anything else.
  4. I imagine one day I will enter the darkside and buy a litre but while Im still learning and funds are tight Ill be happy with the torqueiest (not sure if thats a word) and comfiest middle weight I can find :)

  5. Well, yes, [shuffles feet and looks uncomfortable] money is always an issue...
  6. I ride a zrx 1200R as my road bike and I have a ZX636R 2002 model I use for a track bike. I can tell you the zx6R is plenty fast enough. :bolt:

    Jap :biker:

  7. Hey Jap is the 2002 model the 636 motor too? That seems to be the draw card for the extra horsepower and torque.
  8. Haven't ridden a ZX6 (636) myself, but have ridden the Gixxer 750 (2009 and 2010). If your wanting that mid range and lower down torque the 750 will do it. And if your riding is mainly road, you probably couldn't get a better bike before you upgrade to your litre bike ha. But I think for the average rider you'd be surprised there isn't a heap of difference bewteen a 600 and the 750 except for a little more mid range and torque.
  9. Hey G77 yeah the mid range a torque is important. Love the 750 and dont understand why the other japs stopped making them.

    Did see a dyno for a 636 the other day with Akro slip on, K&N filter and new fuel mapping pushing out 123bhp and 51ft torque, insane numbers and I reckon will be plenty enough for me :)
  10. I reckon you've made up your mind then Azzab. It's hard to make your mind up on what to get. But if you like the specs and the look of a bike, that's the one you should always get. Goodluck with it, let us know if you pick one up.
  11. i had a zx636, great bike i wish i didnt crash it :p
  12. Hahaha I reckon I have too G77. No reason i cant get a 636 then go to a 750 later hey :)

    What happened to the 636 Snowman?
  13. The 636 is a fantastic bike. I've had mine since new and haven't had any issues with it at all.

    I think it's a great step up from a 400.

    I also think it's still one of the best looking 600's out there but I'm biased of course
  14. The 636 is an awesome bike. One of the fastest bikes in its class and its year.

    I've got the 2005 zx636 which is basically the same as the 06. Sexiest ninja that has ever existed! :D I may be biased.
  15. I've got an 05 636 and I love it. 0-110kph it'll stick with anything on the road on two wheels as you'll be on the back wheel just rolling the throttle on hard with any sport type bike so alot comes down to control etc. So power wise, all the way to legal speeds you'll run with the big boys. Plus there's something to be said doing it on a smaller capacity : )
    With that outa the way, PM me when you're ready to buy. A friend has an 04 636 with approx 14,000 kays and they only want around $4K for it if you're interested. You'll love it.
  16. Only if I had a spare 4K.

  17. Argh its killing me that I have to wait another 8-9 months. Havent been able to ride for the last 3 weeks either due to some surgery so hanging to get back outon the bike next weekend!!! :)