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From 2000 CBR600F to ...? (ZX9R...?) Suggestions pls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by norseman, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Greetings.

    Have done some browsing and now seek netrider views specifically.

    Current: CBR600F mounted lively commuting incl. lane splitting etc (no freeways) and with the CBR in great nick and on 23,000klms, am considering private sale to get cashed up into something a little less effort.

    Options: Wide open but have started with thoughts of a ZX9R 2002 around the $9,500 mark with 20 thou klms max. to give you a clue. A little more power, less gear changing, inclement weather protection and some comfort, still sporty intent. Still has to be able to corner hard at low speeds and be narrow enough to lane split. Not fond of vibey singles or twins.

    Friends, please offer your wisdom forthwith! :grin:

  2. $9500 for a 4yr old bike with K's on it?

    I would look at a superseded 600/750 that you could get brand new for $9-12K, factory wty etc, did I mention brand new?

    take a look here- http://www.peterstevens.com.au/BIKE_SPECIALS.htm

    GSX750F K6 - $9990, perfect example,

    good luck choosing
  3. The GSX750F is cheap for a reason.

    Better off looking at the CBR1100XX if you're wanting something that's capable of touring but also reasonably sporty.
  4. Thanks guys - keep 'em coming.

    By the way, touring is not my interest - commuting is the main usage.

  5. Why change the CBR600?

    P.S. - I've gone for the K&N air filter. Probably a waste of $60 (extra) but hey, you only live once. You're a bad influence...
  6. The GSX-F would be such a step down I can't help but wonder if that was an honest suggestion...?

    ZX9R could well fit the bill given what you say you want... and the last 9Rs finally dealt with the bike's only problem: weak frame where the ram air tubes pass through near the steering head. I had a 98 and found it a bit frustrating... hard to use all that top-end... but a VERY functional bike. But I went back to a YZF after it to have something that can be hustled a bit. I even delivered pizzas with it.

    Maybe a VFR... they're narrow (V4 motor) and pretty punchy, and only lose out to race replicas at 10/10ths. VTR if you can handle the twin thing and lack of practicality (luggage, short range)... or a TL1000S if you're a real man.
  7. there's a killer hornet 900 in for sale for $7800
    that's a perfect lane splitter/canyon carver/hoon/tourer
  8. I rode a few bikes before decieding on a zx9. It only took 5 minuted to make up my mind ,i tried firestorms, zx750,and a few others but the smooth power,comfort,and ability to get agressive when in the mood was what sold the zx9.I have been told its not super comfy for the pillion but from your write up thats not a problem.Did a trip to adelaide and it was effortless and its not unusual to clock up 3-400ks on a day run.I have had it since oct 05 and done 30,000ks and no complaints here :grin:
  9. A good mate of mine did exactly that about a month ago, went from a 2000ish cbr600f to an 02 zx9. They're absolutely stoked with the bike, don't regret it one moment :)
  10. Yeah - I'm sold. Anyone want to swap my CBR600 with a ZX9?
  11. Took a very clean one for a ride on Saturday late morning. Very nice. Quite CBR-like in fact. Fast, comfortable, good brakes, good power. A fraction harder on the wrists - not much in it. Not at all heavy, very balanced at low lane splitting speeds, bit rattley (typical kwaka motor - reminded me of my last one); hard to fault.

    Hopped back on the CBR, fanged it hard on the way home, and fell in love all over again :p . I'll keep her for now - very hard to beat despite the power difference - just fits like a glove! :wink:

  12. Yeah, I thought about selling mine too but for the money that I was being offered I decided to keep it. Next best thing to a new bike (actually, better than some newbies).
  13. Thanks Loz, but at 64,000klms, pretty as it looks, that's a lot of kays stepping off a CBR600 with 23,000kays.

    I know this model is mostly bulletproof but can't make that one add up...

  14. 60,000 k service, K & N filter and a good wash and I'm in love with my baby again. I'm keeping Maria!