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From 125 to 1000 like POW!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LOW RYDER, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. yo i just did my l's test a few weeks back and one of my boys brought around his GSXR 1000 today.

    the only other bike i rode ever was the shiiity 125's at the L's course.

    so my mate told me to give the Gixxer ago... and so i did, remembering what i learned at the course and i was scared as hell at first cuz just a touch of the throttle and it goes...

    so i rode it around the block, and the power on that thing almost made me lose grip on the handlebars..hott daaaamn!!!

    what i found out was that i can ride a 1000 so ima get one, so for anyone questioning whether to get one or not, well i say go for it, just aslong as you respect the bike at all times..

    daaaaaaaaaaamn i got the adrenalin rush, wish i had that bike right now...
  2. Welcome back Kishy.
  3. You're mad sick cuz, I wish I was talented enough to ride a litreclass so soon after getting my L's
    You should enter yourself in Superbikes mate :wink:
  4. Get a turbo put on it.
  5. one day, i might even be as half as good as you
  6. that's nothing, when i got my l's my dad let me have a ride of his triumph rocker IV or something, whatever. it's like, 2500cc, and I was awesome on it! haha.
  7. hahaha superbikes......not quiet yet mate...but don't be afraid of the 1000's mate, as long as you got good balance then that's it. just go slow on the throttle.

    anyone out there with a 1000 would like to share more info on them.. im not a master of them i just rode the thing around the block...it was just a 'quicky' around the hood..
  8. I heard 1000's have too much power to countersteer... I'd be scared to ride one that cant countersteer because I dont know any other way to turn
  9. Oh and insurance will be very expensive for a learner on a 1000cc bike
  10. Imagine if you had to redo the licence test...but on a 1000.

    In japan you have to pass the licence test on a capacity of bike that you want to be endorsed to ride. In other words if you rode a 250 and wanted to ride a 600. You would have to pass the licence test on a 600. If you later on wanted to ride a 1000, you would have to redo the test on a 1000. What ever capacity bike you wanna ride you gotta pass the test on that capacity first. Instead hese in Victoria we have a system where you can get your licence on a 50cc scooter with no clutch. 12 months later your on an unrestricted bike licence and riding a busa!!!

  11. to adams, thanks for the warning but i don't think its cockyness, i think its confidence, i had no problems turning or handling the gixxer 1000...........and i didn't even go over 60k's cuz i didn't even have a helmet..

    if you apply the same technique they show you on the L's course you'll be alright, just aslong as u control what's under your right hand..

    also once i get my p's i'll be unrestricted so there wont be no insurance hassle's..
  12. You'll be unrestricted on your P's?

    How does that work?
  13. :moped:

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Cheers :cool:
  14. troll confirmed. though it was pretty obvious from the start, what man would lend a 2-week on L plater their gsxr1000? :roll:
  15. I'm sorry but i have to say this... you took four corners (going around the block), never went over 60 and now your saying you have no problems handling the gixxer? Seriously mate, get yourself a postie bike and go from there, you are delerious and seriously have no idea :rofl:
  16. Shh, this way I can buy the wreck cheap when it turns up at the auctions :wink:
  17. Did you get a knee down on any of those corners? You'd be able to hear the scrapy noise real good without a helmet on! :LOL:
  18. I think we all know what's under your right hand... :LOL:
  19. Another rider to add to road statistics...under uninsured category...

    I hope I am wrong.