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Frock off Friday 2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Coming soon to a well known fri night venue where the biker perverts of melb congregate for coffee !!

    I know i'll be there but what will i wear ?

    it may be black and short !!

    Date to be set very soon, so who is going to be in this night of mayhem ?

    :twisted: :p 8)
  2. Bet my hemline is shorter.
  3. Were not all perverts Bob
  4. You up for some challengers Bob????

    ....or maybe not :oops: ....we like to keep the public on our side :wink: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  5. Id really rather frock ON than frock OFF if i had a choice...
  6. Bob in a Frock is NOT something I'd like to see unless I well and truly have my beer goggles on :)
  7. go on bob if it means
    lil is going to get her gear off down at coffee
  8. So you can use the booze as an excuse for giving into what is already an overwelming temptation?
  9. hey bob, ive got the perfect outfit for you!!!! Its short, black and... ;)
  10. Not everyone share's your desires Matt
  11. I think whoever suggested this needs a severe dressing down!!!!!
  12. I would have though that diametrically seperating the concepts of Bob in a dress and beer goggles was a universal thing, but perhaps I'm the only one.
  13. Now matter how you dress it up :p , this is a disturbing post (and re-inforces our deepest fears about our neighbours to the south!)
  14. Believe me, it's pretty worrying for some of us down here too! :LOL:
  15. too many puns in this thread... its getting painful lol
  16. I guess it depends on what threads you choose to wear!!!!
  17. You people are twisted and sick . Please e-mail me all photo's :D .
  18. What about us guys with man boobs??? Can we wear Hollywood tape?
  19. $10 from my pocket too ... it must be at walking speed, during Friday night coffee hours, and be allowed to be filmed and photographed, with a few poses beside the bike just before heading off :)

    Who else would throw in some $$ ? :LOL: