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frnt wheel lock up.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spada stunter, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. i had a cat run out before and the frnt wheel gave in...now i have a broken mirror and a huge scarch on my tank
    has any one else done this

  2. Should've just run over the cat :LOL:
  3. was it a black cat....... if so i would of run over it...pffft, no way no cat is going to give me 7 seven years bad luck, better for it to lose one of it's nine lives :p :wink:
  4. as soon as i got up i was like fcuk fcuk my bike, my bike..i dont care about that bone throught the skin its my bike my bike

    i aim for the damn things now
  5. I can't recall where it applies to, whether in Australia or elsewhere, but am pretty sure that there's a law about that states that it is illegal to swerve to miss an cat/dog/domesticated animal on the road in the city because more often than not it actually creates a greater hazard and risk to life (the driver's and any pedestrians or other road users) and property than to simply run the beastie down.
  6. I,ve had kangroos, wombats, cows and sheep run out in front of me ,the joy of riding in the country. Hope the cat came off worse than your bike
  7. the ironic thing is i was gunna put my cam on that day to. nah the cat was gone by the time i got up..
    ow yeah my shark helmet RSF 1 with irridum visor is now fully fcuked
  8. Imagine hitting a cow or a kangaroo at speed! :shock:
    I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  9. then it did its' job....or it'd be your head that is "f&@%*".
  10. (please forgive me if I am stating the obvious)

    when you say the front wheel gave in.... do you mean you hit the brakes so hard that the front wheel locked up ... and you continued to skid until you fell?

    If that is the case you probably already know what you did wrong....

    Front wheels lock up when too little pressure is moved to the front wheel before braking... i.e. when you jank the brakes on instantaneously..

    Basically, when you hit the brakes smoothly, the weight of the bike and the rider gets transfered to the front wheel... when you apply more pressure all that weight is helping the braking process...

    If you do it too quickly only a little bit of weight is on the front wheel and so the front wheel skids..

    Believe it or not, this is how stunt riders do their "stoppies"... They apply a small amount of pressure to the front brake to "load up" the front suspension, then they quickly increase the load until the entire rear of the bike comes off the ground...

    The correct thing to do if the front wheel starts to skid is to release the brake completely, then apply it again more smoothly...

    That said, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of this happening.... A softer compound tire will reduce the chance of this happening... If you think you applied smoothly but still had a lock-up, your brake pads may not be operating correctly, you should clean them, or replace them (check with your dealer for the best brand)..
  11. OK you need to do a riding school course to learn some of these skills, or this won't be the last time. Either that or find a deserted industrial estate, draw some lines across the road and practice emergency stops.....
  12. You should have just gone straight dude...the cat would of probably dodged you the last second.
  13. Yeah I think this is the case.... thats why if I ever got pulled up on it, Id claim I couldnt really tell what it was and thought it may have been a child :LOL:
  14. yeah man don't swerve for a damn cat :roll: it'll either get out of your way or get run over...

    Touch up paint for the tank?

  15. I reckon I've been told about that 1 before too...
  16. :LOL: Damn those small hairy children and their lack of roadsense.
  17. I know that is the case in Germany...
  18. i almost failed my P plate driving test in my car yrs ago, by slowing down and swerving to miss a dog. my instructor was going to fail me on the spot for creating a road hazard to other drivers. even tho i stayed in my lane. and didint damage or interfere with anyone else.
    so yes i think it is still a law, altho not one that is policed.

    front wheel lock up, had it once on the scooter on a mossy bit of concrete and even at low speeds its not a good feeling. released and then reaplied and came to a safe stop..

    bad luck mate.. next time.. splat the cat!
  19. A humanitarian, such a rare find among all the rough as guts take no prisoners bikies :grin:

  20. You must be very careful of cain toads and green frogs on the road here.

    They always seem to come out of no where, especially when you are travelling at speed.