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Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by lucifer_mr2, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. What do you guys think about these bars?

    Thinking about putting them on a Harley. Don't really want something like 15" apes, too high. Small 7" rise should be good on these I think.
  2. i'm not liking the welded joins.
    but the style is cool.
  3. Bit better than the 4 weld Z bars I've been looking at. And from what I've been reading the welds on the Biltwells are great quality.
  4. Hideous.
    Dog Bones and flat bars are the go.
  5. nah go the renthal streetfighter bars everytime.

    and don't be putting your poofy tassles on them
  6. Tassles? Only if they're pink dyed leather (to match my vest).

    In reality, I want the higher bars for my back (26 and already ****ed). Don't want risers because I like my slammed speedo.
  7. As long as the welding's done to an even slightly OK standard, there's nothing wrong with welds in handlebars, as fifty years of aftermarket "ace" bars and thirty five years of "Jota" bars show (not to mention thirty years of the BMW K100RS which has welded bars which don't snap).

    I won't mention the mate who had one of the factory clip ons on his Guzzi Imola snap at 80 mph............
  8. nah do this>
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  9. well if they snap they snap.
    not worth worrying about.
    they look cool (y)

    people ride hyosungs and they don't die when bits snap off. it's all good.
  10. They have already died,and dont realise it.
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  11. Thinking more of a look like this.

  12. I'll just cross my fingers and hope they don't.
  13. that bike dose'nt have a front fender.
    i have ridden something very similar to that in the rain.
    anyone who's done that will know it has a rather interesting side effect, particularly when wearing an open faced helmet ;)
  14. Mine has a little friend that covers whats legally required. And forward controls.
  15. I wonder if you could supermoto a harley
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  16. Does this look like a bad idea?

    Might need one of these as well. Had too many girls say they'd be worried about falling off the back (got a tiny pillion pad).

    And these to go with my Friscos

    Note, all pictures stolen from Licks Custom Cycles.
  17. Hand change and foot clutch will render your bike non-compliant with the ADRs (which insist on a standard set-up). Up to you whether you want to risk a canary.

    Otherwise, I don't see a problem. Plenty of bikes over the last century and a quarter have had all sorts of outlandish control systems but have worked anyway :D.
  18. I know it would be a real risk, wouldn't do it. Just found the suicide clutch set up when I was looking at some saddle bags and other gear for the bike.
  19. 11 days for them to get into the country and to me. Very fast service from Lowbrow Customs, would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants the type of gear they sell.