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Frigging bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Got ready to go to work a little over an hour to go.

    The monster won't start. Multimeter comes out, battery is flat.

    No probs. I'd pulled apart the Spada (tank & seat fairings to get repainted), the previous weekened. Quickly put that together, and try to turn it on. Bloody thing won't turn over.

    To top it off it's frigging hot today, so I'm sweeting like a pig.

    Bah, going to go swear at both of them now again.
  2. Jump-start the monster?
  3. maybe it doesnt like the heat? give it a cool bath, a cuddle and some sympathy, and it should be fine i think.

    I think the heat is driving me nuts.
  4. The bike's trying to tell you it's too hot to go to work. Stay home, get drunk instead :grin:.
  5. Considering I also took wednesday off, and I'm a contractor so don't get paid if I don't get in, I finally dragged my ass into work.

    An hour charge for the battery on the duke sorted it out.

    The spada battery was flat as well.

    Second time the monster's battery has been drained. (and this is a new battery). I think I'm going to have to keep charging it every weekend.

    I've got a sneaky suspicion the fact I always ride around with high beams on does it. I stopped doing that for a month and no problems. Started again, and a week later this happened.
  6. like the doctor said, 'dont do that' :)
  7. Why did you do that?
  8. So I'm more noticeable to cagers.
  9. Hi-Beams on during daylight make cagers think you are closer to them, its a good daytime strategy becuase many bikes get cleaned up at crossroads and intersections when they have the right of way.
  10. I bet you it would have been better after 12 minutes of lovemaking in the hottub at the Welshly Arms.
  11. Grr gotta hate it when you get out in the morning to find your battery flat .. its a royal pain the arse.
  12. Of course it's also illegal (I believe the offense is "failure to dip lights"), though I forget the demerit point/cash penalty. Stupidly enough though those damn fog/driving lights on cars aren't illegal unless deemed distracting to other drivers)
  13. Bloody monster wouldn't start again this morning (and I had a ride on with meeting at 6:30). Charged all day yesterday, battery drained yet again.

    Yep, I'll be checking the alternator.
  14. Yeah, high beam shouldn't drain *that* much. particularaly if the bike is running while they're on.
  15. Voltage regulator is more likely suspect, the alternator is probably putting out the voltage, but the regulator isn't transferring enough of it to the battery.

    If it does it again tomorrow, walk past it with a gallon of petrol and a lighter: it'll get the message :LOL:
  16. why are you riding around with high beams on all the time?


    ...Just to piss everybody off?