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Friends, Netriders, Countrymen - Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Lazy Libran, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone - brand new user. Found out about this wonderful forum a few days ago and finally decided to join the day I booked my bike.

    Yes, thats right - booked myself a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom which (hopefully) I should be picking up tomorrow or the day after.

    First time rider here in Australia but have ridden overseas for a few years.

    Looking forward to sharing and caring on this forum.

  2. Hi, welcome. Enjoy the riding mate!
  3. Welcome to Aus, Melbourne and more importantly to Netrider. Post the pics of the new bike up when you get it wont ya.
  4. Hello Libran - welcome to the party. Pull up a pew and make yourself comfortable.

    "Friends - netriders, countrymen - Hello."

    I like it... I wonder where it goes?

    I come to bury Merriden, not to praise it.
    The evil men do lives after them,
    yet the good is oft interred with their bones.
    So let it be with Triumph.The noble Bloor
    Hath told you Triumph was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Triumph answer'd it.


    Why, man, the Rocket 111 doth bestride the narrow world
    Like a Colossus, and we petty men
    Walk under its huge sump and peep about
    To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
  5. Thanks Guys...Hopefully will be picking up the bike tomorrow. The re-jetting kit delayed the delivery. In a way its good as well..Melbourne is a bit wet today so hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day.
  6. wow, paraphrased Shakespeare about Triumph in a welcome post for someone who's buying a Yamaha :shock:


    Welcome to Netrider :)
  7. welcome mate
  8. velcommen
  9. welcome aboard. Great to have you with us mate.
  10. Welcome to the pleasuredome, and to Aus.
  11. Hello there, hope you enjoy the bike.
    Be warned, there be some strange folk on here though ..... lol
  12. Hi and welcome to NR
  13. HEY!
    I resemble that remark.

    Welcome Libran, but don't listen to Jay - there aren't any strange folk around here...
  14. That's right.
    Although I do keep reading your username as "Lazy Lesbian" for some reason.....
  15. Welcome mate.

    XVS650 is a good bike.

  16. Thanks all. I've been in Australia for about 14 years now and had always wanted to get a bike since the day I landed.

    That dream has come true and as they say 'better late than never'.
  17. Oh boy, an XVS650 as your first bike... I wish I did that. What I REALLY wish I did was got a yamaha virago 535 as my first bike and put jardine rumbers on it... :D
    Well we're always wiser in hindsight, as they say.
    Welcome :)
  18. LIES.... its all lies!!
  19. Finally a picture of my bike

  20. Sweet. All tidy and shiny and stuff. Proper colour, too.