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Friends makeith the Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Black Betty, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Just a little note to share …….

    Went out for a ride yesterday. Meet up with a group of people at an allocated met point then headed out Healesville way. By the time we got to Myers Creek road it had started to rain, making conditions rather slippery and cold. We wound our way up to Yea for lunch. The place we had planned to stop at was too busy to serve 15 bikers, so ended up elsewheres. My hands and feet needed warming up. We ate, decided to cut the ride short, got back on our bikes, then headed home.

    Take two:

    As we converged at the allocated meet point the smiles were brimming. Friends, both old and new, were arriving in mass. 15 folk keen to ride. What a turn out! Lots of hugs and ‘good to see you’.

    Off we headed towards Yea via Healesville, Toolangi, Glenburn. As we started our ascent up Myers Creek Rd it started to rain. Not to worry, the pace was adjusted to suit the conditions. 13 bikes snaked their way safetly towards Toolangi.

    By the time we reached Glenburn the conditions had brightened. A little twist of the wrist and we were well on our way. Fogging helmets withstanding, was a good run into Yea on some nice open sweepers.

    Our lunch stop was detoured into the local pub. Awaiting us was a warm fire & friendly staff. Gloves, feet & beers ;-) were warmed by the fire. Our table spread the width of the room, sharing pizza, laughs & good times past.

    As we discussed the routes home, we opted for a shorter run after checking weather sites. Some took their leave early, others continuing forth. With a heart felt wave, we said our goodbyes with one hand still on the throttle. Until next time……….

    Cheers, BB
  2. Nice post. MC riding is so much more than just leaning a bike into a corner, and it can be a wonderful experience when out alone, even creeping along through fog and rain, and again it really cements good friendships and a whole community experience, opening you to so many good encounters with people including those you would otherwise never have met or associated with.
  3. Nice one BB :)
  4. I love the crew i ride with, there are a couple of p platers in the group with 250s or restricted 620s and the guys on the 1000s hang back to make sure we are ok, going well, and give us pointers.....

    they dont zoom off into the distance never to be seen again.....

    that gets my respect
  5. Nice one indeed :)
  6. Nice B squared.

    I had a tops day out despite the rain and cold. What really stood out for was was how exceptionally well everybody rode in the conditions.

    I had a great time anyway. Got to go...