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Friendly Heads Up.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Finn, May 15, 2011.

  1. As per the Thread Title, this is just a friendly heads up to a Learner that I see on Sydney's Great Western Highway. I seem to see him around Minchinbury-Colyton at about 10:30pm.

    Duct tape around your L Plate. Black open face helmet.

    Mate, I saw the white Commodore nearly take you out last Thursday night and the idiot nearly arse end you last night.
    Please, for your own safety, PLEASE get out of the centre lane while you're doing 60. (80 zone).

    I'm not having a go at you but going by your take offs, where you take up 65-75% of the lane (yes bud, you wobble that much) You look like you're pretty new to bikes and you should really stick to the left lane. (besides the law)
    At that time of night, on that stretch they drive like friggin clowns (as you now know).

    I'm thinking that because of the time I see you, you might be a shiftworker too. If you're on here, PM me and I'll ride to work on my Arvos and we can hook up afterwards and go for a squirt in a quieter side of Sydneys West. I know a few places that'll be perfect.

    Again , this is not me having a shot at you, but that Commodore scared the shit out me (for you) the other night and I was in the cage.

    Hope you see this mate. I'd love to help.
  2. Good on ya Finn. I see some really refreshing things on this forum. Nice bunch of people...
  3. Cheers BB.
    Decency is not as expensive as people think.
  4. Yet another example of why the NSW P plate speed restrictions are blatantly dangerous to riders. You guys need to work with your local Bike reps (MCC of NSW) to have that rule changed. It is dangerous to all road users and achieves nothing.
  5. Problem there is, the bloke was allowed to do 80 but for unknown reasons he was doing 60
  6. I'm hearing you CJ, but the real issue in this instance was the sitting in the Centre of three lanes.
    I know that the driver are twats and should have gone around, but the left lane would be the better option here.

    If we were talking about Freeways, I'm right behind you. Regardless of what lane you're in you should be doing the speed limit. If you're not comfy doing it, take the Highway.
  7. Ah sorry Goz/FInn, well spotted. I will get off my High Horse then :)
  8. Yep.

    With all due respect for the rider. I'm not sure how comfortable he would have been doing 80.

    At the end of the day. The nights I saw him were bloody brass monkey cold. That could have been the reason for him not killing kittens. Regardless, the Centre lane is not the best place for him to be at that time.

    If he had the road to himself sure. I do it all the time. The last thing I need is a dog, fox or cat to wander out infront of me. But I move over as soon as i see headlights in my mirrors.
  9. I am new to bike too, and I do ride on freeways, well, not entirely comfortably, but I do.

    I've found out tt is tricky to pick up the best lane at times, I tend to avoid the right because I don't (want to) travel so fast, and according to some advices, left is not the best either because people just cut into it to get off, and now I am reading the central is a nogo zone, man , I am really confused, seems no where is good now :-(
  10. As a rule, (Road Rule. lol, sorry) left is best.
    But, if you're on the freeway, even in the car, when approaching an Entry you should move over to the Centre lane where possible to let cars come on at speed, then move left again as soon as it's safe enough to do so.

    IMHO, I don't think any vehicle should be on the Freeway doing ~80kph anyway. It's just asking to get done up the bum at 30kph. It also causes frustration which in turn makes people do silly things.
  11. You are at higher risk if you can't maintain traffic speed. Sometimes you can only make the best of it, if the posted speed is 100 and your license permit only allows 80 then you are best to stay left. It "should" be the lower speed lane. The problems of course you have stated about people merging in and out is valid. Center is Ok, people "should" be merging with adequate distance and time. FInn's observed rider doing 60 in a 100k zone is increasing their risk by increasing the converging speed between the rider and surrounding traffic.

    There is no magic formula I am afraid, get more comfortable in traffic and maintain your situational awareness, scan surrounding traffic and mirrors in rotation. These things can reduce your risk. Stay Safe. :)
  12. (fixed)

    I absolutely agree.
    I'd rather be a bobble head than a speed hump.
  13. thanks.
  14. He may have been doing that because he thinks it's safer to be going 20ks under, I mean, why else would the government make him do 80 in the 100 zones.
  15. The fact you can only do 80 on your Ls is my biggest gripe with the graduated licence scheme. Especially for motorcycles. The first time I went on the M4 I obeyed the 80 speed limit and had trucks overtaking me and then changing back in front of me really close, with the added bonus of now not being able to see anything in front of me because of the size of the truck. I think this situation is far, far more dangerous than going 90-10km/h for most people. Now I just ride at traffic speed in the left lane. If that is more than 80 km/h so be it.
  16. The issue is not the speed of the rider, but his position on the road.
  17. Not trying to take away from your message but I think you're wrong here. The issue is his speed (relative to other traffic).

    Doing 60 in the left lane might stop people from undertaking him as close to him as they can, but the reality of it is that he's not doing himself any favours by going considerably slower than the rest of traffic.

    It's different to freeways where there's no cross traffic and all you really have to worry about is the heroes who want to get past you at all costs. You've got more oncoming cars turning across your path/turning off sidestreets in front of you because they think they have more time (well they do), people that'll stomp on it to make the yellow etc.

    I know that most people (none of us though :angel:) go over the speed limit, but really, doing 60 on any lane of a 3 laned road will see more people trying to cut in front of him.
  18. While I agree that the issue is more than the speed, however speed was part of it. However I was replying to Goz's post which was about the speed and hence my response. :D
  19. You had me at "relative to other traffic". :LOL:
    I agree that Highway riding is different to Freeway riding and I see the point you're making.

    The poor b@stard is probably thinking "what better time than after 10pm, there's noone on the road". He's right about lower volume of lunatics, but they're still lunatics.

    (I'm trying to learn here as well) But what alternative would the rider have? Especially if it's his only mode of transport and that's the most logical, direct, efficient route to where he's going.

    I think the left lane may be the lesser of the 1000 evils.
  20. Sorry blocka. 8-[