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Friend went down Monday 7th, but she didn't end up with the broken arm.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rented, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I thought I'd share my experience on this day, as it was certainly eventful. I have a rider friend who used to live in Darwin, and we used to head out fairly frequently. She's 25 and good looking and all, so I overlook the fact that she has a Harley ;)

    Anyways, both times she has had an accident, it has been in my company. This latest one I feel quite bad about because in hindsight I should have realised that her having an accident was a reasonable risk and spoke to her about that directly, and perhaps she may have decided to keep to simpler roads.
    The reason for my concern was this - she now lives a way from here and doesn't come back too often, and hadn't ridden much since she was last here. Our destination was the Litchfield National Park, which is quite a way out from anywhere. On the way to LNP, I noted that she was a tad wobbly, very slow in corners and didn't seem to confident. She improved on the way in - improved her speed and started accelerating out of corners much earlier, and so I thought we'd be alright.
    On the way back however, we went through a tightening bend, and she decided she was going too quick (she wasn't, she had heaps of room left judging from where the skid started, and was almost out of the corner anyway) and she made a mistake - she grabbed the front brake and lost the front. She wasn't going too fast so she never made it off the road and the bike only just barely, and she walked away with a few skin patches off her feet (currently waiting on X-Rays to confirm that).
    A very nice married couple stopped and helped us, and gave her a lift to Bachelor, and whilst there, the wife attempted to sit on a bench, but missed, and probably broke her arm. THEN she got cranky and started telling me I was insane for riding 'those things'. I didn't point out the obvious - I felt bad for her.
    My friend and I thanked them profusely as they left for the hospital, and waited 1.5hrs for the flatbed. I gotta say, hauling Harleys into (out of the way of traffic) and out of ditches when the front tyre is jammed, ain't fun.
    So after all that time being concerned for my friend, I then had to get home myself in the dark, and since we planned to be back by 3PM I was with a dark visor. I had the choice of not seeing where I was going, or bugs in the eyes. That was NOT fun. I got some yellow tinted sunnys eventually so I could ride with the visor up and just ate bugs for dinner.

    The part that most had me worried was seeing her on the ground, not moving. That scared the living shit out of me. The best part was her calmness throughout the whole thing, and when she stated that she was still wanting to ride, but maybe she needed to go do a refresher course first :)

    This was a Long Day - I clocked up about 600K that day and had to brush my teeth lots when I got home, little bastards.
  2. protein !

    only other thing i can say is she's lucky to have had you riding with and looking out for her, especially in the remote part's up north - if she isn't already among us then maybe you should introduce her to NR to meet up with other rider's to ride with so if something was to happen to her that there would be someone there with her to help (i'm sure she's not a dingbat but mistake's happen and it might help put both yours and her mind at ease knowing she's both enjoying riding with new people and isn't out riding alone all the time)
  3. probably dont introduce her to NR unless you want her to think every guy on a bike is a creep and never ride again.
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  4. His wife was probably so unco she would have had no hope getting on a bike at all. They were good to help you out so can't complain.

    The refresher course sounds like a good idea.
    Carry a clear visor regardless of when you planned to get back.
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  5. Haha.
  6. Listen to this guy.
  7. good thing you were there to help her, glad both of you are ok, and refresher wouldnt make things any worse!
    maybe trade the harley for a decent bike? :) thought you'd like that one lol
  8. Ha, she can deal with you blokes :) I'll sound her out on it.

  9. I agree, I agree, and I agree. Lesson learned there.

  10. also for the tinted visor. go to bunnings and buy some clear safety glasses for like $5 and keep them under your seat for moments such as these.

    That way you can ride home and not worry about bugs/stones making you blind.
  11. They are? :eek:
    So next time I see a biker I'll close my eyes rather than nod :p
  12. Coming from darwin I'd say she's worked out that every guys is a creep period.