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Friend wants to get her motorcycle licence but not allowed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    A female friend wants to get her motorbike licence but her father isn't keen.

    The strange thing is, he said he would only let her ride on the road if it was on a Harley Davidson. :? :? :?

    I thought this statement a bit weird but she just wants to ride on a scooter.

  2. If she is over 18, then what does her fathers opinion matter? Though I think it would be rare for a new rider not to get some negative comments from non-riding relatives; my parents were really keen on me getting a thrashed to crap late 80s hatchback, if it meant I didn't get a bike.
  3. That's just coz the father is a HD wannabe and sees this as a way of sneaking it past his missus :p
  4. She could inform him that the HD is illegal for a learner, so she might be able to get one eventually, but she'll have to start on something smaller... like a scooter! She could just wait until she's off restrictions, but then she'd be jumping straight onto a Harley and probably dropping it through lack of experience. Best to practise on something "below standard" and build up to "the real deal" - don't want to hurt the nice Harley! I'm sure her dad would have to agree with that one. Although she might need to compromise to a motorbike, rather than a scooter. I'm guessing dad's ego might be on the line here :LOL:
  5. Re: Friend wants to get her motorcycle licence but not allow

    The man has standards :LOL:
  6. She needs to make her own decisions, given her fathers comment it doesn't sound as though it would be excommunication time.
  7. I've had to go against my parents twice.. takes a while to wear them down. They were against me getting my license, and after my accident they are against me getting a second bike...
  8. there's other things fathers should be worried about their daughters riding. and it sure ain't scooters :p
  9. A lot of parents cant let go of the control they once had over there kids (like my ex) it's a parents job to suport there kids (and ocasionaly smack them in the head realy hard :p ) not control them.

    If her is like that nothing SHE wants to do will ever get aproval from her old unless it falls in to line with there small minded ways.
  10. If she's over 18, then they can get over it. If she's not, get her to suggest to her Dad that he comes along with her and get's it too.

    The older they are, the harder it can be to convince them to do so, but my parents were 51 when we got them to do theirs.

    Dad didn't want it at first, he's a big wuss. Mum kinda had no choice, we got her a voucher to do it for her birthday ;) After that, Dad wanted to do it cuz Mum did it :p Conveniently, his b'day is after hers :LOL:

    Now Dad rides it (scooter by the way) pretty much every day to work, and Mum doesn't really ride it at all.

    Same thing worked with me. I didn't like Sverre riding, was convinced he was going to kill himself. So he got me a voucher for xmas. Much like Mum, I couldn't be rude and refuse his present...and thank god :)

    They'll get their heads around it :)
  11. Re: Friend wants to get her motorcycle licence but not allow

    But apparently no brain cells.... :?
  12. It's funny how parents can get! ridiculious somtimes!

    I say if she is old enough she can decide on her own what she wants to do.

    my mum told me i cant get a bike blah blah few years later she goes when i was younger i wanted a bike :LOL: :LOL: i think she was jelious :p jks
  13. Re: Friend wants to get her motorcycle licence but not allow

    If she is over the legal age to get a license, just bloody do it. That's what I did. I had no support from my family and girlfriend for this - yet I just went and did it. Nobody stopped me :p

    He does indeed!!! :cool:
  14. Tell her to do what I did, just go get it, having said that, I don't live with him.

    I was scared sh*tless about telling my Dad, as he'd told me years ago if I was to get a road bike he'd disown me.

    A month later when I went up to Mildura to see him, for his birthday (hahahaha) I finally told him.

    He wasn't too keen on it, "Melbourne drivers are crazy, move to Mildura, you can ride it everywhere, I won't even complain" "You can't ride at night, you'll get killed", all said in jest.

    Now he loves it, everytime I see him we talk about what bike I'm going to get when I'm off restrictions, he paid for some of my gear & he's considering getting a road bike again!
  15. I got my liscence when I was 17. I didn't tell my oldies I was going for it. I bought my first bike during my lessons, so that I could learn on a sports bike not a cruiser (as this was the type I wanted). I rocked up home one day on my brand new bike. Both my parents came out and saw me on the bike. The first thing my mum saud was who's is it and then my dad (who I was most nervous about) shook my hand and said 'Good on ya kid' . He told me I was living his dream as a kid. I then enrolled in 3 advanced riding courses and both my oldies were more comfortable with the idea of me riding on the roads. They were more scared about cars not my riding. The courses have definately made my riding safe and have saved my ass on quite a few occassions with cagers and notorious road conditions.

    Tell her to go for it! She only lives once and I am sure her parent/s will come around. :)
  16. Her dad's the boss. Thats what I tell my daughters! Oh who the hell am I kidding if she wants one she'll get it. :oops:
  17. do wat i did...just get it. Deal with parents later.
  18. is she rich enough to shout her dad to do the l's course with her?

    ps when I was 18 I told my parents I was getting a bike and they bought me a car
  19. My friend got his Ls and had a bike for a year, his perents still dont know about it XD, he sold it to me now as he has quit riding :D8
  20. Re: Friend wants to get her motorcycle licence but not allow

    He just sounds a bit ignorant to me. :roll: