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Friend seriously hurt.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Karaman, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Mate of mine who owns a gt250r and trains with my on sundays was in an accident last night. He was riding along straight when a car turning onto the road should of gave way but hit him. I'm guessing he got hit in the side of the bike since his leg and arm are severly broken (not sure which yet, going to visit him at the hospital in about half an hour). Knee had to be operated on. I really hope he is ok physically, and mentally because he was there for my crash, and he doesn't deserve this.

  2. best of luck to your mate.....

    the news article seems to be a little quick to lay blame on the rider :shock:
  3. Let's hope the lad recovers without any permanent injury
  4. Best wish's to your mate also! I read tha same thing not 2 minutes ago and yeah, they seem to have put blame on the rider :roll:
  5. I hope all the best for your mate, and hope the ABC report is wrong.

    I hope he doesn't loose his arm or leg! That would be devastating, especially since the accident was caused by a cager! :(
  6. if he isnt in a coma, that's a great start.

    feel free to give me a call if you need a chat etc 1300 36 19 13
  7. Thanks stump but i just got back from visiting him and he seems to be in good condition. Spend 5 and a half hours in surgury last night, doctors working on both knee and arm at the same time to avoid any permanent damage. Waiting on CT scan results to see if his neck brace needs to be taken off or not but he should be alright in that department by the looks of it, was only a precaution.

    Hes got a metal plate in his arm with his knee put back together.

    And yes, the media are pigs. They started calling the hospital asking about his condition. Nurse said he was stable and hung up on them mumbling "Bloody media". They see a helicopter landing at the hospital and they're on it like seagulls.
  8. thanks karaman,

    much appreciated

    take care
  9. Wishing your mate the best of the best man... really sorry to hear it. Please keep us updated, let him know that he has a whole community here thinking of him.

    *(girl) hugs* to him.. & to you too.. take it easy, I'm glad that you're there to help him out.
  10. That's just disgusting how they've painted him as the cause of the accident in that article. I wrote a complaint, it's hard enough on a bike without being victimized by the media as the cause of any accident involving one. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery mate and hope that you're doing well also.
  11. Best wishes to your mate for a quick recovery.
  12. Thats bad news and I hope he has a full recovery.

    Dont expet anything but anti motorcycle hysteria from any media outlet.
  13. Karaman, did your friend or a credible witness (by that I mean someone who was actually there) tell you that what you described was what happened?

    Just seems to me that people are quick to believe one side over the other depending on their own interest - in this case our interests as motorcyclists.

    News articles like the one you linked to are generally written straight from the police media release, which were in turn fed the information from the attending police.

    As for "the media" being pigs, well, it would be a shame if journalists never checked the facts of the stories they wrote. How do they check the facts in a case like this? Oh that's right! They call the hospital or the family!

    A disclosure - I work in the news media.

    I hope your friend makes a speedy and full recovery.
  14. its sad to hear that pal, i hope that there isnt any long term damage to him and that he makes a full recovery. if he's in a stable condition now then that is great news.

    i hope the police do some more investigating and publish the full facts so as to straigten the matter up. just hope all goes well. all the best to you both.
  15. Visited my mate again this evening. His gf was quite upset seeing him like that, even after her third visit. The neck brace has been taken off so hes sitting comfortably now, and the CT results showed nothing wrong with his neck or spine which is great.

    He said hes still gonna keep riding when he gets back to 100% but its going to be a long haul with at least one year rehabilitation. His knee was basically demolished and had to be reconstructed, but thankfully they wont need to operate on him again.

    Withnail...from what my mate told me, he was riding in the right lane of a dual carrage way when a female driver turned onto the road not seeing him and not giving way as you should (From what he said she wasn't even looking in his direction when she turned onto the road). He tried to brake as much as possible but still ended up hitting her. I just don't like the way the media wrote it, saying that he turned into the path of the car. Just seems like every story that comes out of a rider getting hit, it seems like its their fault (though some of them may of been caused by the rider).

    And I'll let him know that Netrider is by his side :)
  16. So is his leg and arm going to be serviceable eventually?
    Any head injuries to speak of?

    Do send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)
  17. what do you expect from the media? a realistic recount of what happened? HA!

    all the best for your mate karaman, here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
  18. I really hope he gets better and is found (officially) not at fault.
  19. Man that sucks. Best wishes to his speedy recovery.
  20. Legs and arms will be fine, but of course will need rehibilatation. No head injures, HJC helmet did an excellent job, barely any scratches but since the foaming inside took the impact, he'll need to get a new one anyway.