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Fried my plate, brake and tail lights...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Braddock, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hi there, this arvo I installed my Mustard Tail Tidy on my MT-07. I've run into some electrical issues and could use some help in trouble shooting.

    I used the stock indicators, but there's no plug provided with the tail tidy for the number plate light. The instructions say "Fit OEM light plug to the LED bolt" the wording of this implies it should just plug in, but really, the wires need to be spliced into the old wires, and soldered. (Some pictures with the instructions would have been very useful!) I never disconnected the brake light.

    So, I cut the OEM wires, and stripped back the plastic to reveal enough wire to splice in the wires provided with the Mustard tail tidy. I twisted the wires together and turned on the ignition, all was ok, number plate light working, indicators working (as they should, they just plugged back in)

    Here's where I ran into trouble. I'm assuming my mistake was forgetting to turn the ignition off as I soldered the wires together (I've never soldered anything before) I'm pretty sure I heard a small zap during soldering, and upon checking the lights again, the number plate light, parking light, and brake light are all dead.

    I had a look at the fuses, there's one marked "park" so I swapped this out with one of the spares provided in the fuse box, but this didn't fix it unfortunately. I've managed to short something somewhere but this is as far as my electrical knowledge goes.

    Any suggestions for what I can check before I resort to taking it to an auto electrician?



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  2. Was the fuse u replaced blown ?
    Maybe use google to find location of all the fuses the bike has and check them all.
  3. The rest of the lights come on I guess so it is not the Master fuse. Do you have a multimeter or 12volt test lamp?

    I would still suspect the fuses, they are there to protect the wiring from burning out. If your wiring modifications have put a short to the frame of the bike then swapping the fuses may have just blown the new one as well.

    Probably first thing is to determine if the fuses are intact. If you don't have a lot of electrical knowledge a test lamp is a useful tool. It will tell you if the fuses are intact by just touching one side of the fuse to the battery positive and the test lamp connected to the negative and the other side of the fuse. Light comes on fuse OK. No light dead fuse.

    You can make a test lamp if you want just from a 12 v globe and a bit of wire but the prepackaged ones are probably easier.
  4. You can buy a test lamp for next to nothing at the likes of Supercheap
  5. Thanks for the replies, the main headlight still comes on, and the indicators work. I can't tell if the fuses are blown by looking at them. I don't have a multimeter, and don't know how to use one anyway, but I'll get a test lamp.

  6. Ok so the main fuse is intact then otherwise you would not have headlight. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Thanks very much! Great to see such an active and helpful forum.
  8. It's pretty easy to tell if a fuse is blown. Take it out and there should be a length of silver strip that runs through the fuse. If it has a gap in it and it's black and looks burnt its blown
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  9. Are you sure the lightbulbs in the lights which arent working are still functioning? Led lights blow too
  10. it's possible, but the brake light was never touched, the only wiring I messed with was the number plate light.

    Does anyone know if the "auxiliary" fuse runs the brake light? or is the brake light part of the parking fuse?
  11. I've had a look at the manual, considering there isn't that many fuses it's worth checking all of them. If you have a quick look on google there should be plenty of examples of what a blown fuse looks like (basejumperbasejumper has posted a pretty good explanation anyway).

    The other thing that may help is taking some photo's and linking them, that will give everyone a clearer understanding of what state everything is in. Worst case, I can go out to my MT-07 and check out what it should be.
  12. Fixed! Thanks everyone, it was a fuse, just not the one I was expecting. I bought a test lamp, as cjvfr suggested, and it was the 10A signal fuse, which I didn't even look at initially, because the indicators were still working? Anyway, upon pulling it out, I could tell it was blown by looking at it. Swapped in the spare, and it's all good now.

    I opted for twisting the wires and some heat shrink instead of solder this time.

    Thanks again!
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  13. Well done, get a replacement spare fuse, always best to have a spare in case you get caught at night somewhere and the fuse has blown.
  14. Oh, I can post pics now... I should take some with it all back together. I also installed ebay fake Rizoma Retro Reverse mirrors today.

    mt_braddock_01. mt_braddock_02.
  15. you gona be uncomfortable unless you put the seat back on
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  16. That looks like a lot of work to get a tidy back side!!

    I almost got Deep Armour :)
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  17. Good to hear it's working again!
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  18. It's not as bad as it looks, all those bits come off and go back on easily enough, and I wanted to see what the rear sub frame looked like anyway.

    MT definitely needs a tail tidy, its a shame to hide the nice 180 rear tyre. looks so much cleaner now!

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  19. Alright, I might give it a go then :) I guess you are happy with the Mustard then? I am thinking of getting the comfort seat as well so I could do it at the same time. I'm a 105kg fatass!!
  20. I just fitted the R&G tidy tail to mine tonight. Pulled mine apart to the same level, I would have to agree that it's well worth doing. Looking at the photos I got before hand I'm not sure how i took so long to get around to fitting it!
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