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Fridge mechanic ????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. The other half scored a fridge off a friend today. Great :)
    So I went and borrowed a mates ute and off her and I go. It looked brand new and it was cheap. :) All good.
    So I only had her and her friend to help me get it onto the back of the ute. Had half a hernia but got it on and secured in the upright position.
    Got home and things started to go down hill.
    First I tell Fi FI to get out and tell me when I am almost at the garage door. Only a girl would stand at the back of a ute right in the middle where the fridge is so I cant see her and wave me back. :( It's a steep drive and a diesel ute so I could not hear her.
    Anyway I got it off and she wants to start loading all the stuff from our fridge into it. I tell her no you cant do that with fridges. It's been jiggling around in the back of the ute. It was never laid down but it was at an angle when we put it on and took it off for a moment.
    So I say you have to leave it for a couple of hours, or better still over night.
    She frowns ... as they do and I go have a shower.
    I get out of the shower and go into the kitch to get something to eat. Yup you guessed it. She has the old fridge out and has pushed the new one in it's place and is loading the food into it.
    She is all smug and ha ha look it works. Which it was.
    I eat humble pie and say sorry I was always told to leave them for a few hours if not over night.
    Three hours later we are eating dinner and pffffht. The telly and everything else plugged into a power point goes off.
    I go out and hit the trip and nothing. It wont even go back. It's like the trip is farked. mmmm
    I go back in and unplug the new fridge and go back out and hit the trip and it works fine and everything comes back on.
    I plugged the fridge in and zap its all off again.
    WTF. The friend says it worked fine. Or was last Saturday when they got their new one and unplugged it.
    Anyone got any clues???
    I turned the fridge and freezer off and replugged it in. Like inside the fridge. All good. The lights in the fridge work. Soon as I turn it on inside the fridge it throws the breaker.
    I pulled the cover off the wiring and it all looks ok. It's dry and no dust. There is no loose wires and there is no smell. The relay is plugged in and seems ok from the outside.

  2. Sounds like a dead short to me. Check you didn't crush the lead at some stage during the loading/unloading phase. Other than that, it sounds like the compressor motor may have kicked the bucket. Only my uneducated unskilled opinion mind you.

    Sorry I can't help with your predicament, but I say get an electrician to have a look-see.
  4. Yeah, get a sparkie to look at it. It might just need a new cord. Or it might need a motor.
  5. That's what I was dreading
    Nothings for nothin.
    I will just growl at her till I get a good heady :)
  6. And for complete randomness, I read that, and this popped into my head:

    Right...as you were.. :-w
  7. A little confused, so you plugged it in from elsewhere like from the garage and it worked ok ?
    Plug it back into the kitchen and it trips everything out again ?

    Could be as simple as the new fridge draws too much current and took a bit for the circuit breaker to trip out 1st time around ?

    ie: 10 amp plug and 15amp fridge ?

    I'm no expert in 240v stuff, only throwing around an idea as to what it may be. But yeah a sparkie would be best.

    [ I learnt my lesson 20years ago playing with that invisible stuff ] still got the scars to show for it too ](*,)
  8. If you were able to plug it in, its not a 15A fridge (earth pin is huge on 15A)
    If it worked after moving it and then suddenly stopped without moving, its not a crushed cable.

    It sounds like an internal problem (read:expencive) hope that it is still a bargin after repairs.
  9. Re the 15amp plug, yes it should be a huge earth pin but I have several examples both here at home and in various workshops I've been in where the plugs have been changed to the smaller 10amp pins.
    Most predominantly on window AC units.
    Not safe but it does happen.

    Yes I agree it could be an internal problem and that's why it was cheap ??
  10. yep the gas was all shaken up and you overloaded the motor. When I say you, I mean her.

    You might be lucky and it might be a wire's come loose in the transport, but I'm guessing the pump has seized and the motor has stalled at best, shorted at worst.

    It's not all negative however. From now on, despite pretending not to listen to you, she will tend pay a bit more attention in matters technical.
  11. Yep compressor stalled, that cooked the motor, at a guess. (I am not a refrigeration tech though)
  12. Thanks groovers
    Yeah she plugged it in and it ran for about three and a half hours then the trip blew on the breaker.
    With it plugged in the trip wont even go back to on. Unplug the fridge and it's all fine again.
    I went through the wiring on the fridge and it's clean and where it should be. And no burnt smell anywhere. If it cooked the motor wouldn't it have an electrical smell ???
    It seems the whole houses power points are on this one breaker too. And the bloody house has 5 LCD tellies and as many computers. Two fridges and every other girly and kid appliance there is running on it.
    She's a woman and will never listen. Oh well it was her friend and her cash.
    I will give it a couple of days rest and then try it again and more than likely take it to the tip.
  13. The problem with older fridges/washing machines are that they "leak" between the neutral and Earth. There is nothing wrong with them but they will trip the RCD. The way to fix it is to ideally get a dedicated circuit and put the circuit breaker before the RCD or get a newer fridge.
  14. Would have loved to see the expression on both faces the moments after it happened.
  15. Ha ha was like WTF when everything went off. I smiled and she growled.
    She is still a bit touchy today ha ha
    Woman. Even when their wrong we all suffer.
  16. ok, awesome, this is just for me. I am a fridge mechanic, here in melb and run my own business, so i know exactly what is going on.

    Firstly: When moving a fridge, you can transport them on their side as long as they are 10-15 years old, any older, you will want to transport them upright. This is due to the oil type used in new fridges compared to older. The older fridges have a bit of trouble getting the oil where it needs to be inside the compressor (comp), the newer fridges are much better at that, and as soon as you stand it up right you only need to leave it for 5-10 mins and the oil will be where it needs to be in the comp.

    Secondly: whats happening here is the fridge (if 10-15 years old) should have a freezer compartment and a fridge compartment. Depending on the model, the dial inside the freezer should control the compressor, and the dial inside the fridge will only control an air baffle that allows air to flow from the freezer into the fridge. When you turn the dial to normally the lowest number, you are making the fridge cut out temp, warmer. In this case you are effectively preventing the comp from cutting in. hence your fridge will turn on at the wall and breaker, and it wont go off. As soon as you turn the dial to a higher number, you will engage the comp, and it will trip the power. Somewhere inside the comp, a piece of copper winding from the electric motor will be touching, partially touching, or close enough to arc (lighting strike) across to the comp shell or earthed internal workings. Basically your comp needs replacing. this most likely happened while moving it. It happens all the time. I get called out to the "fridge has just been moved and now it doesn't work" job all the time.

    There are other possibilities, but this is the most likely scenario. Sometimes fans can be down to earth, or even the defrost element could be down to earth. (but this would trip all the time, and not just when the temp was turned down)

    Thats my best bet, and what i see most of the time, let me know how you go mate, might be able to help further with a fridge make and model. Then i can track down the wiring diagram.
  17. BTW unfortunately, LOL, I don't think this was her fault, and it probably would have happened anyway, might not want to tell her that LOL
  18. Thanks buddy. yes I tired the switch in the freezer. And the one inside the fridge.
    Lights so forth all work fine. Soon as you turn it on inside the cabinet itself it trips.
    It worked fine for three hours the bloody thing lol. It was getting cold and no problems.
    It's no biggy as we have the one that was in the kitch and a another in the garage.
    They both work fine. :)
  19. sweet, no stress then