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Friday's Victoria train strike: commute by bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Tomorrow (Friday 4th Sept) is forecast to be a major traffic gridlock. Maybe a showcase for commuting/travelling on two wheels?

    I've got to get across town to Moorabbin early afternoon for some sunset flying, there's no way I'd even contemplate the trip if I wasn't on two wheels. Anyone else opting to take the easier travel option?
  2. It's two wheels every day for me (powered or not). Tomorrow will just be more d1ckheads to contend with than usual.
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  3. +1

    No other way to do it.
    Everyone else does it wrong.
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  4. Going to avoid peak hour tomorrow cos I don't want to deal with all the agro people who will be late for work
  5. Sick day best option go ride the mountain
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  6. Try a heli-copter? :whistle:
  7. should've taken the chopper home and done a "Bishop" to work :D
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  8. I sold them all: have to make do with the K16 these days ;)
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  9. Commute by bike... Wait, there are other ways to commute?o_O
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  10. After commuting on the bike is be stupid to sit in my cage for hours on end!

    I like the extra free time commuting by bike allows me and by the sounds of things, it will give me even more time tomorrow!
  11. since the cars will all be in gridlock.... time to bust out one of these?

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  12. Where can I buy these? :D
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  13. I ride daily so no drama for me.. Catching the train whilst the bike was being repaired almost destroyed my soul and this was when the PT system was working as it should.

    I had to endure late trains, told to get off trains because it was running behind schedule, signal faults that turned a 1 hour train ride into 3-4 hours and a few other issues like idiots on trains getting escorted off. If i had to endure something like that again I would purchase a push bike and just ride home.

  14. Well, it turns out that it was all a big fizzer. Extremely light traffic compared to normal on most routes, according to reports.
    Not sure if this is due to loads of people staying home (really, how many have that option?) or because once you remove public transport and level crossings from the equation, the roads flow miraculously better.
  15. I found traffic this morning no different to any other morning.

    I think alot of people either took the day off or left super early to avoid it.
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  16. My battery died this morning. Spent about 40 minutes reviving it so when I finally hit the road, traffic felt lighter than usual. Not sure if that was due to the train strike or simply because of me running late.
  17. Yup, the not having to wait for boom gates every 30 seconds..
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  18. On my commute traffic was so light at 08:00 this morning, that getting on the freeway the on-ramp traffic lights weren't even activated. Only when I got to where the Ring Road and Princes Fwy join there was the usual traffic. Worst traffic in 20 years my arse, like there was traffic of this level 20 years ago anyway.
  19. I caught the train every day for two months. I went insane spending a few hours a day sitting on a train.

    Bike is the only way I get around now. No better way to do it
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