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Friday the 13th

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. So anyone had any unusual bad luck today??

  2. I opened up a thread that had absolutely no value
  3. i had good luck i got a CBR250
    after looking for a bike for weeks and weeks
  4. lol forgot about friday the 13th .. it was actually a pretty good day. Met up with some friends in town by accident and hung with them all day.
  5. My daughter and I have been fighting the bureaucrats at VicRoads since before Christmas trying to get her 1981 Guzzi Monza registered. (We have spent the last year or so rebuilding it.)

    Long story, but today was the last day before the roadworthy expired.

    Today we finally got it through!! It's finally registered. So Friday the 13th will forever be a good day for us.
  6. Yeah. It was going well until a few minutes ago.

    Just wishing the cricket would finish so I could go to bed.

    Phone rings. Wife answers. Son on other end. Wants to know if Dad is still up for an hour or so. She says yes, why?.

    Oh Ive been fishing and just want to drop in to say hi.

    Arsehole probably has a giant shark or snapper he wants to brag about.

  7. Someone killed me untill I died from death, no seriously.

    On another note I scored overtime at work which will pay off the credit card and a months worth of bills :)
  8. After my black monster interview in which they stressed the importance of the safety of the model who will be riding pillion, I looked down and noticed that the spring clip on my gold chain had disappeared.
    Bad luck.
    Then I called up Moto One and as it was a safety issue they fixed it asap. Good luck.
    I met lots of new people at coffee. That was cool.
    As I was riding home from coffee, I noticed that the Hi Definition tint Shoei lense that Scumbag had given me was making the world look Psychedelic. ooooo wow man... :shock: :grin:
  9. Fri the 13th.....Hmmmm
    Passed my driving test on this date for both car and bike.. so that was okay

    A few years later same date a police car reversed into my RD350LC and smashed the front fender- no problem the police driver paid for a new one there and then,.... later at 11.55pm a drunken chinaman on a moped emerged from an alleyway and took me off the same bike. Then he rode away.

    About 3 or four years later my 1100 Katana was stolen ( however they did leave the front wheel still chained to the lamp post)

    Then finally I met my wife and mother of my children down the track on the same date.

    So to me it seems you take the rough with the smooth and if you were to pick any date in the calender people would have good and bad stories, but thats only my opinion.
  10. I got a speeding fine!! lost $210!! and 3 points!!
  11. Got stood up on a date, then found out her father had hit her and she was too ashamed to turn up.

    Didn't even realise it was fri 13th untill now
  12. Worked till 4 am, got up at 10.30 to drive to ballarat, found a hungry jacks in brat (since when>???? was tempted to sms JD), made it back in time for a 15 min break before going to a different job, starting at 5, then just got home now.

    bad luck? my tacho metre came loose, which some how interfeared with my indicators working. thats all.
  13. The first one (Victoria St) opened at least 8 years ago, there's also another one that opened maybe 2-3 years ago at the end of Howitt St.
  14. I met an old gentleman who took Friday 13th very seriously.
    He was called into the army on that day,
    Sent over seas on that day,
    Captured by the Japan'es that day,
    His father died on that day,
    & many other thing I cant remember.
    It was 25 years since the war ended. On any Friday the 13th, he sat inside with the curtain's draw, no raidio, no nothin till it was over.
    I guess I would also.