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Friday Ride to Newcastle Via Putty rd, via Singleton.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by snoman, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I'm going for a ride on Friday, Join me if you are bored.
    Ride to Newcastle Via Putty rd, via Singleton.

    Date: Friday June 26th June 2009.

    Meet at McDonalds, Windsor Road, McGraths Hill.

    Meeting Time: 8.30am
    Departure Time: 9.00am

    Singleton via Putty rd
    then across to Newcastle..........
    I plan to either possibly
    Return to Sydney on Friday night or stay in a hotel and return on Sat morning.


    Anyone - everyones welcome

    I wont bother if its raining heavily

    No marshalls on this ride,
    so if you're too slow you might get left behind, but if your too fast I might get left behind

    I will take it easy (ride slowish) if the roads are wet
    or cruise at approx the speed limit if its dry

  2. The Latest Weather update:

    The Latest Weather update:
    Friday: Mostly cloudy with the chance of late showers. Light to moderate north to northwest winds.

    See you tomorrrow if you are coming along...........
  3. Its all over

    The Ride is over
    but it was really great!!!

    awesome weather
    No offs
    Nice roads

    PS Putty road is more fun backwards
    I mean
    In my opinion the ride is better going Singleton to Windsor instead of the other way
  4. That's cos more of the corners in the Ten Mile are uphill when you are travelling south