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Friday Ride Day Crash @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Gun Rider, Oct 16, 2016 at 20:24.

  1. #1 Gun Rider, Oct 16, 2016 at 20:24
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2016 at 20:43
    Has anyone heard any news of the rider that was badly hurt at the island on Friday?

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  2. Braaaaap, bad choice newcomer, we don't discuss undocumented crashes here, road or track....
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  3. I'm in NSW, I don't have access to those news outlets..
  4. Fairenufski. You do now.
  5. I'll paraphrase the article
    -Member of the public was thrown off his bike on the final turn before the main straight around 11am.
    -He is in a critical condition and is apparently an experienced rider, no other riders were involved.
    -It was a 'ride day' which riders were allowed to ride around the track on their own or rented bikes, but not race.
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  6. HS is paywalled but they normally let people read x articles from the site for free

    If you google "Phillip Island racetrack crash leaves motorcyclist in critical condition" that should give access to the article

    Also reported here and news.com.au links are normally not paywalled

    Man critical after racetrack crash
  7. The crash is/was documented in the main stream media,
    including the internet... to which you have obvious access.
  8. Correction, it was documented in the VICTORIAN media, which I only access if I need or want to....
  9. What's the interest Gun RiderGun Rider ? Are you a relative or member of a group that the rider may have been in, and are concerned about their welfare?. Are you looking for witnesses? Asking about an accident which you know was documented in the mainstream is an unusual first post to a group/forum of people to which you have not introduced yourself.

    Do you ride, what do you ride, where do you ride, why the interest in this particular crash?
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  10. Jesus tough crowd

    Seems a legit question, those at the track Friday might have wanted to know if the guy ended up alright

    Then he gets blasted for posting something that was supposedly unreported, then apparently it was because it was only reported in the Victorian press (you know because the accident was in Victoria ) and then he gets told to bugger off in no uncertain terms all by a moderator...
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  11. It's a long standing convention here that we don't become the carrier of bad news to friends and family of accident victims. It's the moderator's job to make sure that that kind of news is out there before we allow it here. Can I suggest everyone be patient and get to know the way things work before getting in a twist.
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  12. I can totally understand that Titus and it's a reasonable stance to have but in this instance the OP wasn't breaking any news in fact the news report was two days old

    Seems pretty rude to berate the guy like he was for a non offense

    And my favorite part was the excuse that because it was only reported in Victorian press that this was why the moderator wasn't aware of it (even though news.com.au is a national news site)

    I'm not commenting on the appropriateness of the original post more on how he was told to bugger off even though it would seem the moderator was the ignorant party
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  13. None of which alters the fact that if the person who crashed is known to the poster, then asking about his condition directly is the most appropriate course of action. I've been here over ten years as a Moderator and these sorts of posts always have another agenda than the one immediately stated.
  14. Maybe, just maybe he is a fellow rider actually looking for some good news.

    My experience with media is they love to wack up news flashes of someone getting carted away in the meat wagon. Makes for great headlines. Dangerous motorcycles, helicopter evacuation, great headlines with some pics... Blah, blah blah

    But you will NEVER see a story about how they walked out of hospital a day later with minor bruising and they took then to hospital in neck brace due for precautionary measures and it all checked out fine. Good news doesn't sell I suppose...

    You guys area cynical lot I reckon. I made plenty calls to fellow riders over the years asking how someone washed up after a get off out of genuine concern and the hope of good news.
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  15. Ok HondamickHondamick made me post this:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just because of his rational post.
    I've been trying to stay away from this thread.

    Last thing the day after the crash was he was stable.
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  16. Great news. Thanks JM. Hope he recovers fully and in good speed.