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friday ride 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by The_brick, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. anyone up for a ride tommorow
    have the day off and only suppossed to rain a little
    might go off west gippy way

  2. Um, today's the 30th... :roll:
  3. sorry 31st
    and I'm not riding to NSW
  4. Fair call!
  5. I was going to ride GOR but I'm starting to get bored with my own company. what roads into West Gippsland? Shiny wet roads will have me riding like a granny which is no fun.
  6. im up for a ride.... if it's not wet.
  7. I'd planned to head that way via Noojee and Icy Creek Rd on Wed but went through Neerim instead because the road after Powelltown was so wet. I don't think that road to Nojee has been dry for months now.
  8. Just stuck my head out the window
    looks like no rain
    noojee will be wet so I will head to lang lang and tour around the coast a bit
    will leave cranbourne macs 10:30
  9. eeeek... will try to get there by 10:30.
  10. just woke up.. looks like i missed the bus.
  11. yep! you missed it!
    South Gippsland to Launching Place ... 400km door to door for me. Good effort considering the weather and road conditions.
    Thanks R! Let me know next time you have a day off!
  12. Thxs for the company cin
    had a great day
    Catch up next time