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friday night, how's yours?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. ok, at risk of a mod slamming this thread, (lock this thread maybe?) i'm going to start this topic which let's people write random shit.

    basically, are you staying at home on a friday night? if so why and what are you doing and is anyone with you? is it a quite night in for once, maybe you have something on early tomorrow, maybe you are heading out late late tonight?? if so please feel free to post away...

    the reason you may ask why i'm starting this what could be a pretty shit thread, is, friday night is by far the most favorite night of the week for me (friday = socially, thursdays = bikes, MR) and has been for a long time. People go out on saturday night with the intent of going out, people on friday night finish work and go for drinks and sometimes stay out a lot longer then planned. I've always found the friday night out is very different with respect to talking to people. Generally people before 9ish are just having after work drinks, and people sorta after 9ish are heading out for the night. People on frdays are usually gearing up for the weekend, stuffing those last minute jobs under the monday rug, and have probably had lunch time biers with lunch. I'm not sure what it is, i just love friday nights and i rarely stay in.

    However for the last several weeks, i've had a new job which explains tonight, i'm stuck on a frikking oil rig and not to many are on msn etc and i just know people are out having fun and i'm stuck here...

    so peoples, post away... could be interesting...
    or not...?
    lets wait and see...
  2. looks like a great ride!! enjoy the prep... prep can be fun, cause you run through absolutely everything in your head a few times making sure you have everything etc...
  3. Home alone, watching TV and checking the forums from time to time.

    Wotcha doin' on the oil rig?
  4. Just went out to dinner with my brother and his wife, who didn't want to be at home because their suburb is haunted by repulsive little snots pretending to be Americans and playing Halloween.
  5. Looking after my two younger kids while my wife has to run around after our two older kids out doing friends birthday parties and youth group. When the younger ones are in bed I'll hit the PS3 and have a play while downing a few scotches
  6. everyday is the same, work 6 till 6. Night is usually, dinner, go fishing for an hour, relax for 30 minutes, gym, shower, book, bed.

    tonight however i'm taking a rest from the gym and running around on the internet, failblog is entertaining me, facebook, the one person that is on msn and this forum...

    the other guy in my room nicked an LCD from somewhere, set it up and tuned it which took 20 minutes, watched 2 minutes of it, then left...

    not much else to do here but eat, and i'm trying to avoid that...
  7. Home nursing a heavy chesty cough :(
  8. Hi Brownyy

    Quiet night here in the Gong mate. Quiet dinner with some family.

    Had some Halloweeners knock on the door. Sent em packin! :roll: :roll:

    How are the fish biting mate?

  9. Yeah, WTF is it with this Halloween sh!t :roll:

    What sort of fish do you catch out there?
  10. fishing is interesting here... see, whatever you catch doesn't live regardless of size... you see where i fish from is 25m above water... so catch and release doesn't always work...

    the eating fish out here is mainly morwong's... really nice eating and i don't usually like seafood but these are nice. These are thingo's i catch i call poisonous nemo fish, they are small, orange, ugly, spiky and they keep cleaning up my damn bait... we cant even use them for bait... they get booted pretty hard over the side...

    caught a few other things, leather jackets, and something with teeth...

    seals constantly live under the platform here, and the bastards steal your fish on the way up... so far there is two seals out there that ate two sinkers and one got the hooks... funny thing is, in 80m of water, you need a big sinker, so two seals each have a 0.5kg stud bolt inside them...! :grin:

    got 6 mowy's to eat this trip, the 7th was pretty messed up by the time i reeled it in as the hooks where stuck in its eye socket and by the time i got them out it wasn't flopping around too much... we used him for bait...

    fishing can be sweet here too, when they are biting, it takes 40-50 seconds for the line to drop to the sea bed, and 10-20 seconds for a bite... its common to get 5ish over smoko breaks when the fish are feeling up to it...

    anyway thats the fishing front...
  11. sounds better than the crappy Carp I've caught in the Murray
  12. Just polished off a roast (well, not entirely by myself). Taking a night to relax after the last couple of weeks being full on.
  13. At home watching "The Governator!!" in T2... :]

  14. heheh reminds me of the castle movie...

    carp, good catching fish. 10% luck, 20%brians, 90% muscle, and the rest is good luck!!!
  15. hiya,
    this friday evening I am at working playing trains, I have the bike in the car park down stairs, and getting ready in an hour for a ride up int o the hills on the new tyres, alas it is raining, but so be it!!! has to be done....

    side note I got quite messy (drunk) with a lass that did the admin on the oil rigs off the coast of scotland somewere, she had I think 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, awsome life, for her hude money, and pure freedom to travel the whole of the EU....

    hope it goes a bit quicker there..
    cheers al
  16. hahahah studbolt... well I hope you put some antisieze on it mate. :LOL:

    Watching T2 too.
  17. 10 to 20 seconds!!!! Just spent a week on a Murray River houseboat. Took a tad longer for the fish to bite there! :LOL:
  18. really? the company i work for is a scottish based oil and gas company. PSN??? (production services network). Her name Jillian? If so i hate you!!!
  19. couple of minutes to reel up but and even small fish fighting can wear you out with the heavy sinker also... still worth it but, i never fished until i started here...