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Friday Night Drinks

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, May 13, 2005.

  1. Hey all, VERY VERY LATE notice.

    A few of the Geelong boys are meeting for drinks tonight at the Barwon Club in Geelong.

    If you are interested, come along, 7:30pm on-wards.

    Now, for all you Melbourne people, if you come along, bring some nappies as it is a loing ride and many of you will probably cry on the ride back... it gets mighty cold and lonely on the Princess Hwy at night.... :LOL:
  2. Hey Mitch,

    Why aren't you coming to the track day on the 28th?

    Hmmm? Well? Lets see that brick you ride get some decent action. :)
  3. Hey Deyago.

    After racing for 6 years and going to Oran, Winton, Broadford, Eastern Creek, Laguna, Cadwell, etc countless times, I am completely over track days.

    May come down and watch though
  4. Great, you can give me some pointers! :D

    ...like, "don't fall off", "hold those two sticky outy things", "begging does not qualify as getting your knee down".......
  5. *laugh* to the BC. Used to spend every wed-sat there during the late 80s/90s until it went 'cafe' style
  6. Are you doing the histroric day?

    On what bike?
  7. So where did all you Melbournites get to? Just got home myself & didn't see anyone there :D :D We had about 20 beers each, laughed at what was funny, hung sh!t on those that deserved it, watched the boy racers make d!cks of themselves & basically had a hoot. See ya's next week. Then again maybe not cause it is a long dark & scary ride now that I think about it :p :p
  8. Hey Roarin,

    The Melbourne boys and girls would never come down this way at night..... We goto coffee and dinner and ride home along that scary scary road, alone sometimes... But, the Melbournites, must be scared.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I was down that way sunday week and the midnight ride home was definately a cold one. Didn't help that my cheap HJC just loves to fog up so you can't see where you are going unless its almost a 1/4 open.
  10. Did We mis the second coming?? :shock:
    Have I misread the post....."my cheap HJC"......WTF.......you bought it :p
    Or was it a gift from Stevo's as hush money?
  11. ah how depressing, i missed it :( also missed stewies birthday :sad:

    i think i have to get work to pay me overtime :evil:

    is this going to be a regular thing? if so see you there on friday :D
  12. I bought that thing probably about 10 months ago at the big gear sale at the Show Grounds....it was going to be used as a cheap helmet for when I got my pocket bike and would probably laying that thing down a lot trying to push it harder and harder so I didn't want to risked my Shark on something so frivolous. But I never ended up getting the pocket bike so it has been sitting collecting dust and only pulled out for pillions.

    No second coming just a whole lot of moth balls.
  13. Fair call Matt...how is it for wind noise?
    I have the CL12 as a spare and found it on par with my Arai for noise..but as you said big on fog... 8)
  14. Hey there Raffiki, I think the last 4 or so weeks have seen us there on a Friday or Saturday night. Just p.m Skuffy or myself if you're keen cause we don't need much persuasion :LOL: :LOL:
    P.S my cheap HJC is the most comfortable helmet I can find -& Ive tried Shoie's (however you spell that :? ), Arai's, Shark, & I was relly keen on a dual composite AGV but none are as comfortable on me as that cheap fibreglass HJC. If the hat fits wear it