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Friday night drinks, what do you do with the bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubbsy, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I am about to start commuting from Chatswood to Sydney CBD once I take delivery of my bike this week. =D>

    Invariably on a Friday night after work, we head out for drinks, which of course, generally are more than just 1 or 2, which is great. :beer:

    Up till now, catching the train home was easy, but now when I have the bike in, I won't ride home being well over the limit, so what do you all generally do in this situation? Not keen on leaving it sitting in the CBD overnight, so it's looking like the only other option will be train in on Fridays?

    Anyone do anything else?

  2. What do you want to hear? just ride your bike home drunk they never breath test bike riders anyway?
    As far as I can see the only two options are be prepared, catch a train in on friday so you don't have to collect it on Sat morning, or pick it up sat morning. I know which I'd prefer to do, especially with a hangover. Either that or count your drinks and be sensible, but thats no fun.
  3. You're pretty limited really because even if you find a secure place to park overnight in town you'll still have to get the train home and back in again when you want to pick it up.

    The only options therefore are 1. don't drink 2. stick to the train on Fridays 3. hook up on Friday nights and head home in the morning.
  4. I want to hear what other riders do. Not looking for Validation to ride drunk, I prefer to err on the side of caution always and live to ride another day.

    Just curious if anyone has come up with ingenious other options is all.
  5. Don't think my g/f would go for that option. [-(
  6. get a new one with a city apartment with parking
  7. I wonder how far you would get if you tried to wheel your bike on to a train?
  8. Don't go or don't drink.
  9. Invite everyone back to your place...


    Every week :D
  10. I work in the CBD. Do what I do - train into work on Fridays. Pretty simple, really.
  11. leave your bike in the office? isnt there a goods lift to get it up there?
  12. ring a good mate to come in on a train to ride it home for you?
  13. Bingo give that man a prize(y)
  14. I wonder if you had a big enough rack on your bike if you could get these guys to come pick you up?

    Scooter Angels is a new, Australian owned company, that gets you and your car home safely.
    Scooter Angels provides a responsble driver service when you're over the legal blood alcohol limit.
    For a service that will likely cost less than a return taxi fare, tt works like this.
    You're out having a few drinks when you realise you brought the car. If there's a chance that you’re over the legal limit, driving it home isn’t an option. You could get a taxi but you need your car the next morning. Instead you do the smart thing and call Scooter Angels. Just one phone call and our Scooter Angel arrives on a fold up

    motorised moped. Within minutes the bike is stored in your boot in its protective case and you're on your way home in your own car. When you get up the next morning you don’t have to think about where you left the car, its right where it should be. It doesn't get more convenient than that.
  15. I take the pushbike if I'm drinking
  16. Boss has just told me there MIGHT be a parking space I can use daily instead of having it on the street. That'd be a result!!

    Ride in Fridays, train home, train in Monday, ride home! Sweet! One can only hope.
  17. I never drink anything if I'm riding, so if I know I'll be drinking then I won't take the bike. I would be very hesitant to leave my bike anywhere other than my garage overnight, once bitten twice shy as they say.
  18. There's a story there!
  19. Even if you leave it in the city, you'll have to catch a train anyway. Sure, it'd be outside peak hour, but do you really want to have to head into the CBD every Saturday?

    I, personally, would probably opt for staying sober. I don't feel a need to excuse whatever drinking I do, and I'm not greatly attached to it, anyway (oh dear, how unoshtrayan! :p).
  20. Yeah, I left my (uninsured) bike out in the open at my girlfriend's place, woke up in the morning to see it had been stripped of all fairings, footpegs, mirrors, levers and anything else easy to remove. It cost me nearly $4,000 to fix, I'll never make that mistake again.