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Friday Night Coffee

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Foxy, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Is Southbank Flooded out or what? Are we all going to be able to get access for coffee tomorrow night? anyone know? Also see this thread


    For those that are skipping coffee but still want to catch up all are welcome.

  2. able to get access was more to the point. Been down there today? I couldn't even get to Docklands and I sure as sh1t couldn't get to work today, and that was after going through several flooded roads in west melbourne
  3. Blockage points are being identified and cleared. It is unlikely that there will be persistent flooding for the next day. Sometimes it takes something like these storms to identify where the drainage systems are blocked or inadequate.

    Hang in there folks, normal :? service should resume shortly(ish)
  4. Cheers Niel, thats more the kind of info I was after, Keeping you busy today?? :LOL: :p :LOL: Are you coming over tomorrow, the replacement slab of Boags is slowly becoming a six pack!!!
  5. I am at work at the moment (change of pace). I go back on duty at 1730 - may be a little tired tomorrow!
  6. Well you know the old saying....A hard earned thirst deserves a cold hard beer, and the best cold beer deserves the best beer jingle lol....... :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. Sweet leaping jesus; thats a LONG way up!
    I think ill head down there after work tonite just for a laugh if the river is THAT high. :D
  8. In a report I herd it did get up to the SB Boulevard, out side the crown complex
  9. where we park our bikes was under water
  10. its still on .
    once i get there i will part the water , like the red seas
    she'll be right :LOL:

  11. after 10+ years in the army , i will just order it away :LOL:
    Some of the blokes from the Patriots MC are coming down too.
    The club secretary just rang me and said they will be there .
  12. I will be there with plates :D
    If you have stated on your merchandise order form that you would like to pick it up from Friday night coffee, I will have it with me tomorrow night.
  13. Are you kidding? It would take nuclear fallout to stop people showing up, and even IF we got blasted, I would still bet that groberts would be there anyway!
  14. Onto page 2 and you people have made no mention of the bouyancy of the Across :? :shock:
    You lot are starting a downhill slide in whitty remarks :roll: :p :p :p :p
  15. Deb

    Please bring my plate frame to coffee tonight (I didn't say on the order form that I'd pick it up, but as I'll be there tonight anyway it kinda makes sense...).