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[Friday Funny] Some Tip!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. From correspondents in Stockholm
    August 19, 2005

    A SWEDISH waitress thought her elderly customer was joking when he offered her his Porsche as a tip, but he kept his word and gave her the keys to the car, daily Aftonbladet has reported.

    "I thought at first he was joking with me," 19-year-old Josefin Justin told the paper.
    Justin was waiting tables at the Njuraanger Cafe in Sundsvall in central Sweden when the man, who had recently retired and was dining with a group of gentlemen, asked her age.

    When she told him, "he said I would get his Porsche as a tip."

    "At first I was a little suspicious but I didn't get the feeling he was hitting on me or anything, he just seemed really nice," she said.

    She got his phone number and the next day when she called him, he said he remembered his generous offer. Accompanied by her father, she went to the man's house to pick up her new car.

    It turned out to be 1979 Porsche 924 worth 30,000 kronor ($5315).
    "It needs a little work, a paint job among other things, but we checked it out and everything was fine," Justin said.

    The man, who asked to remain anonymous, told the paper he couldn't really explain why he gave her the car.

    "I was just sitting there in the restaurant and looked her in the eyes and saw an angel and thought to myself 'The Porsche, she should have it'," he said.

    Asked if he had any regrets, he replied: "No, absolutely not."

    The incident is reminiscent of the 1994 Hollywood movie It Could Happen To You starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda, in which a waitress becomes a millionaire when her customer offers to share his lottery ticket with her in lieu of a tip.
  2. Well thats nice of him.
    Pimp my ride? ;)

    Now i just need to find some charming mid to late 30's business woman who happens to have an XJ220, Zonda, or i'd even settle for a 999R; who "see's the light" and decides to give it to me.
  3. Saw that in the paper.

    But it's only a 1979 "Porch", hardly worth it.