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Friday Funny - One for Holden Fans

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. [IMG:110:110:3977debf7d]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v260/pvda/ford.jpg[/img:3977debf7d]

  2. Cruel and unkind and unnecesary, Paul :LOL:

    (I drive a Magna company car and don't own any car myself, so I don't care :p )
  3. 1st- works both ways, and they highlighted theirs in red! :p

    2nd- IT'S AN OVAL! Not a circle, Holden fans :facepalm:

  4. :shock:

    then again wasn't the previous car a G String (Hi Undi [Hyundai]) :roll:

    Point taken on the Holden logo and I dips my lid to you on the reply, I even sent it to the guy who sent me the original (who's a Ford man) who's in the process of sending your reply to the person who sent the original to him.
  5. Both of them are buckets of shit. Owned a couple of Holdens and couple of Fords, all performance models and I'll never buy either again.
  6. Sigh, yes, I'm moving sideways on Mr Latham's ladder of opportunity.....
  7. So hornet did you get a talking monkey with that or just fries :shock:
  8. who cares as long as she gets me from a to b then back to a :grin:
  9. Falcons and commodores rock. Owned heaps of both and id never buy anything else...
  10. I must have had a busier day than normal, or maybe I'm just thick, but I can't make a connnection here, sorry?? Please explain, I need a good laugh this arvo :LOL:
  11. And this is the reason why Holden and Ford will continue to turn out shiny buckets of shit for years to come.
    You've obviously never owned a Honda. Build quality light years ahead and it doesn't fall apart at 150,000km's.
    Just some of the issues I've had with my most recent Holden, electric windows - fcuked, instrument cluster - fcuked, alternator - fcuked, gearbox -getting more and more notchy and clunky so soon to be fcuked, v8 - already has noise coming from the valves and its' only 140,000k old, interior - aged quickly and is now fcuked. Heaps of power in a straight line but handles like a boat (new model is just as bad).
    The crap we get passed off as cars (falcon and commodores) are built on technology that's now over 40 years old.
    No wonder Holden are outsourcing to Korea, those dodgy bastards do an even better job than we do!
  12. BA XR8's Rock no old tech there :grin: Holden SUCK :LOL:
  13. my partner works at holdens.

    Most of the problems are from them trying to cut costs on materials. it;s not the way the people on the line put it together, it's the fact they're buying cheap shitty parts made from cheap shitty plastic to keep costs down. take the piece of plastic between the front & back door - it's cheap & nasty & cracks under aussie sun. they used to use a better quality piece there but to cut costs they changed.

    and by the way, no he doesn't work on the line.

    it's GM in the USA that are chosing to out source from Korea, not Holdens in Australia. GM make the decisions when it comes to money.
  14. ??WTF

    Nope i havent but ive driven many. I agree the finishing detail in build quality eg. interiors is better but who really gives a fcuk.

    Fair enough but cars are cars, i know many a person who have had the same problems with japanese and german cars...

    I had a 91 vn ss that i bought off my cousin with 100,000ks on it and he never had one problem with it. When it got stolen last year it had 315,000ks on it and the only think that failed between that period was a starter motor. Not to mention it spent half its life bouncing off the rev limiter.

    Technology thats affordable, reliable and above all performs great in my experience. Falcons and Commodores are unbeatable bang for your buck and that cant be argued.
  15. Actually it can. If the government got rid of the ridiculous excises on imported cars then Holdens and Fords wouldn't be so 'affordable'. They'd be the same price as everything else.
  16. let me just add though - Fords RULE!

    GO LOWNDES!!!!
  17. We can argue with "ifs" all day but the fact is thats how things are so our aussie cars rock.

    Anyway im done, if we keep this up ill just end up getting upset and i really couldnt be fcuked. Ive been so behaved on netrider lately :p
  18. sounds like you bought a real lemon, and i would find it hard to believe that its been maintained or serviced at all with those km and those problems you mentioned. Possibly the odometer was wound back too or replaced cluster.

    I know of literally dozens of v6 and v8 commodores and 4 litre and 5 litre falcons etc still running unopened motor and box with over 300,000km with nothing but regular services and maybe a starter motor here or there, just basic stuff that would go on any car. The whole arguement is so flawed it really is amusing. Ford using technology from 40 years ago? ummmmm.....what is honda using that ford dont? Holden are using older technology but now with the alloytec there is fair bit of technology in that motor, sure its a bit of a crappa at the moment but its still a baby and yet to be ironed out. And what exactly that was NOT around 40 years ago? variable valve timing? alloytec has that...overhead cams? alloytec has that, ford have used that for last 16 years in the 6 cyclinders.

    A lot of people buy the falcons and commodores not just because of the price versus what you get and practicality ( go tow a boat with your integra or carry 5 adults without it busting a ring), but also because of the amount of jobs in australia. Go to street commodores and look at a thread called " would you buy a holden if it was NOT built in australia" the answer is 90% said no they wouldn't. I love my imports, hell i import them! but in the new car arena, the commodore and falcon is family orientated, thats what its aimed at, thats who its for, plus you have the advantage of still having all the advantages of the family sedan but now you can get the muscle too with the gen3 ss or the xr6 turbo or xr8 boss etc. I used to make and sell supercharger kits for v6 commodores and turbo kits for 4 litre fords :wink: Plus look at the price and availability of parts for each as well
  19. I wouldnt mind the Efijy
  20. NO NO NO I have to disagree with that one for the one and only reason that I dont F#@*&ng care what the cars are like it the AUSTRALIAN workers I give a s#@t about cause if they remove the excise which varies depending on the car these guys are probably out of a job just check the news their industry is already f#@$ed :shock: