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Friday fun times: Name that bike!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MV, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. A little game for a quiet friday:

    The game: post a pic of a bike, & someone has to guess what it is: Make & model. If you guess right, it's your turn.

    The rules: The more obscure the angle the better, no custom/customised bikes, you can crop an image to show a part of a bike, but only if it's very distinctive! (Probably best if you change the file name too!)





    light bad.

    I'll start us off with an easy one:

  2. Nobody wants to play?
  3. Try "name those breasts" or something a little different
  4. Aprilia RSV 1000 Factory.

    Hope this isn't too difficult:
  5. Is that a thunderace/ R1 ancestor?
  6. No, but you are on the right track with the manufacturer. This is something rarer.
  7. yamaha yzf600?
  8. YZF750, lateish model like around 99ish.
    edit: aka yzf-r7
  9. might chuck this thread in the too hard basket :p
  10. Yep. was going to say the 99 yzr-f7 :( just missed out
  11. You forgot the R, but close enough!

    Is it a Thundercat?

    Edit: So it's phizogs go?
  12. I did forget the R. I'll wait for confirmation that I am correct next time, sorry. :oops:

    Pretty sure YZF 750 was a different bike, but YZF-R7 is correct. Sexy bikes, probably worth a fair amount too.
  13. Hurry up Phizog!!!
  14. All good mate, I'm just stirring!

    Phizog? Are you there?
  15. what if he died from the excitement of winning? will you feel bad, MV? well? will you!?!?
  16. Hell no.
  17. Phizog, too late, my go again!

    (You can have another go later)

    Round 2!.
  18. Yamaha GTS 1000abs?
  19. Yes!

    Your turn Holster.
  20. Rawrrr!

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