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VIC [Friday] Coffee Nights, Southbank

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. A group of people from various motorcycle clubs/forums, including Netrider members, meets every Friday night along Southbank for a coffee and a gathering. It's a casual affair, with lots of chatting and the occassional eye candy (both two wheels and two legs 8))

    Exact Location: Out the front of BearBrass Cafe at Southbank. (Melway Ref: Map 1B L12)
    Time: From ~6:00pm every Friday evening, generally until around ~9:00pm
    Map: https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/southbank.gif

    Getting There: From City Rd (in behind the Arts Centre) turn onto Southgate Ave ( Melway Ref: Map 2F, F8 ) and go all the way towards the river and onto the pedestrian promenade. VERY SLOWLY turn right onto the promenade and ride your bike about 50m east to the front of BearBrass where our gathering is and where you see many other bikes parked.
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  2. I think I'll be heading here tonight. Anyone from here going? Mainly just wondering how to find any Netriders since this will be my first catchup with any bike riders
  3. There will be the usual suspect from Netrider and if the weather stays fine you can expect a good turn out. The meeting place is impossible to miss, all the parked bikes tend to give us away 8) .

    The best way to go about it if you come alone is to park the bike, walk over, and say "hi" :) . It's a relaxed friendly atmosphere and no-one is unwelcome.
  4. Well,im going to the motorshow today,so ill probably drop in and say Gday afterwards,be nice to put some faces to names. 8) Thats providing i dont get lost,which i have this bad habit of doing in the city. :roll: :LOL: 8)
  5. I'll be there :D
  6. I'll be there :) might have to take in the motorshow before I go out for the evening.
  7. I am going to be there, will do the motorshow on sat night
  8. Flipper...l will meet you at the roundabout 6.30 unless your going earlier.

    If l can get groberts number l will ring him to see if hes left yet and hopefully will be able to head in with him. Not unless someone else is going in from the nthern subs.

  9. I'm heading in tonight.
    Julz if you can get to kensington without an issue, I can head in with you if you want.

  10. Thanks for the offer wards...but lm coming down Hoddle so l was hoping to head in with someone from over my side of town. :)
  11. Julz, cya at the roundabout. Leaving now
  12. Hrmm that didn't go too well. Found the spot, walked over, kind of got not the best looks. Hung out near the people, no one looked to say "Hi" or "hey, you look like you're looking for someone?" i.e icebreakers. Oh well maybe next time I might rock up with someone who knows people.
  13. If you go back in? look for the chic with the red plaits that will be Flipper...
    shes either outside or inside feeding her face (oops ..running for cover)
    any way better luck next time
  14. Yeah I had parked my bike around the corner as I wasn't exactly sure if I was in the right spot. The directions said brown st or something and I just went blindly into some small lane - turned out to be right spot. Well I did have my jacket, backpack + helmet with me. I'll just put it down to a LONG week at work had gotten to me. heh

    All good, next time I might ride be able to ride in with someone :)
  15. I think about 20-30 bikes? I got there about 6:10 or so. I rode in from about 2 blocks down, I was visiting a friend who lives in south bank. heh

    I work in richmond so no use riding back to caulfield and coming back in. As I said, I think I was (well AM) just really tired from a big day at work. No worries, I usually go up and speak to anyone but I guess the day just took it out of me

    :) <- still smiling
  16. I am allways there , so look for me , and come over and introduce yourself , and i will introduce you to everyone.
    There are a lot of bike riders who park else where and go in there for a meal or drinks , so unless you ride up and park along the group , we dont relaise that you are one of the crew .
    dont be shy , walk over and just see me or deb, or anyone and tell them its your first time and they will show you where to put your stuff and gear , and mingle.

    sorry that you didnt get into it tonight but my mobile number is 0425873437 so next time you are there drop me a call if you want and i will come and grab you .

    bring your bike up to where we park , its easier and safer .
    i am normally there by 6pm , so if you are unsure of where to go to get the bike in , give me a ring .
  17. No sweat Undii. Next week I shall pick you up on my way in.

    If you're looking for Groberts - just look for the scarey man with the coffee!!
  18. scarey??? :D
    I am quiet, loveable, windswept,well mannered but easily corrupted :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Maybe it was the LACK of coffee that made you scarey tonight.....
  20. Dont be scared.


    I was just riding home about 6:10 in the city minding my own business and got roped into joining the crew.
    I followed Matt in on his CBR and he seems to know everyone so I was a bit luckier, but I did introduce myself to pretty much anyone who had leather or a bikers head.
    The group looked ominous but they all seemed pretty cool, so I look forward to the next time I can make in down there on a Friday night and I for one will just barrel up to anyone who is alive and say gday.
    I suppose being 6 foot 3 and built like the preverbial makes one a bit more at ease amoungst a bunch of bikers, but thems the breaks.