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Friday 11th May

Discussion in 'NSW' started by imagineero, May 10, 2012.

  1. Same deal as the below thread titled 'friday 11th April', except this time I got the month right ;-)

    Looking to go for a day ride tomorrow, have the day off work and the weather is supposed to be 26 degrees. Can't be too many days left like that this season! Leaving from burwood/sydney around 10am, and open on the route. Could do a national park ride, northern beaches, or putty. 34 year old guy on a blackbird, like to get in to the twisties but generally stick to the speed limit.

    If you're interested, post here or text on 0406 119 921


  2. Damn! positively warm - damn Sydney Siders :demon:

    By chance I will actually be in Sydney tomorrow - 8am departure from Melb.....

    Will not have a bike though..............not too sure how I can bill back company time for a quick spin either :-({|=

    Enjoy the ride