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Frickin Wind Sock!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Fragbait, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Hey all, looking for some suggestions and input to some hassles I'm having which really came to light last weekend when I took the bike up the Calder to Bendigo and back (to Melbourne that is).

    Up to 80kmh my bike is a dream, could ride it all day.
    Between 80kmh and 100kmh it's not quite as comfortable but still fine especially for shorter trips.
    At 110kmh on the Calder with a 30kmh head wind I feel distinctly like that bug on the windscreen of your car: I'm just hanging on for dear life feeling like I'm going to get ripped off the bike at any second!

    OK, that's a bit of an exageration but the wind pressure on my body is a continual force I'm struggling against and I'm really having to hang onto the hand grips to keep myself in place. After an hour or so of this I'm feeling very fatigued which is the complete opposite of what Cruisers are supposed to be all about.

    It's not a strength issue as I have absolutely no issues with my fitness, it's purely aerodynamics. Maybe I need to get myself a massive beer-gut to give myself a lower centre of gravity as well as having something curved in front of me for the wind to bend around? ;)

    Seriously though, is this something that is more noticeable with some Cruisers but not others? Does that tiny bikini fairing on the M109 make any difference at all? I've been toying with the idea of a quick-release screen but I just don't like the appearance of them on a Cruiser. I guess I was more spoiled than I thought with years of sports bikes with fairings on them!

    Any suggestions or handy hints are greatfully accepted.
  2. suprisingly even small windscreens make a diference...anything that re-directs some of the airflow around your body does...i also think they may even push the front of the bike down a bit at high speeds, which helps the bike track better and feel more stable.
    i have a medium sized screen and it's very adjustable and took a lot of piss farting around to get the airflow just right...but set up the way i like it, re-directs the air just over my shoulders, so i still get air flow through my helmet vents...i don't feel any force on my torso...plus the bike feels more stable at highway speeds...i think i even need less throttle and probably get better economy for it.
    so well worth it, if you can find one that looks the goods for you.

    i think your problem may be though, wearing an open faced helmet?...they pretty much feel like having a small parachute on a chin strap at speed...some are better than others, though no comparison to a full face, visor down...if you have to wear an open face (obviously not advisable and way dumb), you can get ones that have a small plastic snap on peak, actually helps quite a bit.

    another thing is to make sure your jacket is a tight fit, most being adjustable to tighten the arms, neck, waist, and ensure no air is getting in...and gauntlet style gloves worn over the ends of your sleeves
  3. see my avatar, that's not actually me...that's a riot cop...why is he smirking you ask?...simple, he enjoys hitting people with his baton...it makes him happy.
    ...and now he's going to slam his batton hard into your kidneys for wearing an open faced helmet. *smack*
  4. I ride a honda shadow and I know exactly what you mean, anything up to about 130kph is ok for me but over that it starts to get tiring very quickly. (and before anyone says that I shouldn't be speeding, I merely mean sitting at 110 kph with a 30 kph headwind = perceived speed of 140kph :p )
    A few thoughts i have had regarding this is to
    1. Get a windshield (not my preferred option, I'm with you, don't like them much)
    2. Get a backrest ( I think this will help somewhat as I used to strap a backpack to the pillion seat and could lean on that, made a huge diff to have the lower back supported)
    3. Enjoy the feeling of the wind and HTFU...........
    4. Never go over 75.

    cheers goran
  5. Actually I think your avatar has that smirk on his face because I just gave him a baton enema for making an erroneous assumption. :)

    I wear a full face helmet always. I've had one very spectacular off and if it wasn't for my full face helmet I would no longer have my boyish good looks. The jacket is tight as it was custom made for me and still fits perfectly after 20 years.

    I guess at this stage for me it's a teaspoon of concrete and HTFU, or start looking into removable screens for those long, windy rides!

    This is my first Cruiser I've owned (C50) but has anyone had experience on more than one style of Cruiser and found there to be much difference between models?
  6. I got the same reduction in wind pressure from strapping my sleeping bag to my handlebars as I got from a windscreen. :)

    Cheaper too.
  7. dude you say M109

    i have had no problems, do you wear leathers or textiles

    i ride with kevlar pants mc boots and a leather jacket and have had the thing up to $2.40 in the upright seated position not bending down and no worries (track day not on a public road)

    also full face helmet

    my tach is still in std place too, if youve removed it that can change things

    also i've found it much better than any cruiser ive ever ridden in regards to wind, my previous sporty was much much worse.....

    only thing i have trouble with is keep the feet on it @ high speeds lol
  8. Second that motion.

    The headlight cowl makes the big difference - whilst it looks weird initially, it grows on you when you notice the wind effect.

    Have done a few 1600klm + days at high speed - just another day riding.
    As Andrewd says - keeping your feet on the pegs is the hard part!.
  9. Simple answer: Put a screen on - you'll be surprised at the improvement.

    I got a Switchblade 2-up removable screen on my M50. I was planning on only putting it on only for highway speeds type rides. Found it so damn comfortable even around town that I haven't taken it off! Makes a huge difference to the comfort of riding at anyspeed - no upper body buffetting at all. Because I have a taller screen (up to chin height) I get significantly less helmet buffeting unless I stretch myself up It even helps keep the bugs and rain off.

    Only problem with it is when the airspeed passes 140 (damn 30k headwinds!) it starts buffeting the front bars a little bit - not dangerously uncontrollable or anywhere near it, just annoyingly noticable. So when the headwind exceeds 30/40k on the freeway, I slow down. I could probably fiddle with the alignment to balance it better, but I rarely ride those really windy days anyway.
  10. My hubby said the same thing Fragbait....
    He rode my little 250 cruiser up the Calder from melb to our place in bendigo and he said the head wind is a killer and the bike was being tossed around a bit ( and he is a super fit guy, spends 90% of his life at the gym) ..
  11. tbh I would of been tempted to detour via Woodend and the area. I cannot stand more than 30 minutes on a highway.
  12. Head winds will always be a problem especially on freeways. I always try and ride any alternative road as usually more wind protection. Otherwise just set yourself for the tough headwind and hopefully you will have a relaxed ride home with a tail wind.
  13. Most of you guys probably won't want to hear this ..... but I'm going to say it anyway.

    I ride a cruiser (as defined by feet forward and body upright/leaned back riding position) and I have no problems whatsoever with the wind blast or feet coming off the footpegs at high speed. It has many other benefits over most cruisers too - for example, it goes around corners faster than most sports bikes.

    What do I ride? Burgman 650. Unbelievably comfortable, able to sustain high speeds (160+) on freeways for hours on end with no fatigue, electric screen goes up and down at the push of a button to get just the right height, feet are placed forward against front footboards where are totally out of the windblast, seat is wide comfortable and has an adjustable backrest .... and did I mention how quickly it goes around corners.

    Most of you will hate the body work but to me it's the ultimate in rider protection ...... and yes, underneath all those plastic panels it really is a regular bike, the only difference is the CVT... which takes the chore out of commuting too. :)

    P.S. for those who are interested, see the definition of a cruiser below and then try to tell me I don't own one.... oh, once again, except for the cornering ability. :nopity:

    Cruiser — the rider sits at a lower seat height with the upper torso upright or leaning slightly rearwards. Legs are extended forwards, sometimes out of reach of the regular controls on cruiser pegs. The low seat heights can be a consideration for new or short riders. Handlebars tend to be high, and wide. The emphasis is on comfort, while compromising cornering ability because of low ground clearance and the greater likelihood of scraping foot pegs, floor boards, or other parts if turns are taken at the speeds other types of motorcycles can do.
  14. You don't own a cruiser.

    Someone had to do it... ;)
  15. Why? Just because I can lean more than 10 degrees when going round corners before scraping? :-s

    I can fix that by adding a set of wide highway pegs - do I then own a cruiser? :cheeky:
  16. Because you own a scooter. :p
  17. Mate that does sound like it's pretty sweet - for a scooter - but noddy beat me to it. It's a scooter not a cruiser.

    Sure you might feel like you're in a cruiser-like position, but it's while riding a scooter. Your definition there at the end mentions " other types of motorcycles"

  18. it's bigger than a scooter...:-k

    and yet... it looks like a scooter :-s

    ...which can only mean, it's still gay!\\:D/

    OMG ! :tantrum:

    :dance:IT'S A GIANT GAY SCOOTER !!:roses::woot:
  19. That scooter is no more gay than a goldwing, they're just examples of what you get when looks are your lowest priority.
    Sort of the opposite of the cruiser.

    The pretend hate is a bit meh and I don't even have an interest in this thing.
  20. :rofl:
    *this bit added bc apparently i need 10 characters b4 i can post my post