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frickin magpies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. why do magpies insist on swooping me on my motorbike?
    its not only very awkward... but embarrasing.... :oops: :?
    this particular magpie lives in my front yard and waits 100m down the road for me when i walk to work, and will follow me on the bike just hanging off the side of head... you can almost grab him!!
    i dress in all black and today im glad a wear a full face helmet, its pretty funny when a magpie goes staraaaight for you face..

    any tips? or experiences?

    i love nature but ffs :x

  2. Get some stickers of a pair of eyeballs on the back of the helmet.
    They don't attack if you look at them.
  3. Wait till he leaves his place and chase him and peck at him????
    Seriously smee has the right idea; in Canberra where magpies are a serious and on-going problem, the best plan is to wear a hat with eyes drawn on the back. It seems to work.
  4. Call a wildlife officer. They can arrange to have a trapper catch the bird and relocate somewhere with less motorcycles. :)

    Or you could try making friends with it. Try feeding it your leftovers. Cold toasties and that sort of thing are enjoyed by magpies :D .

    Oops, theres that WORD again hornet. :LOL:
  5. Well, as long as you've brought it up, what is on the menu for the Netrider Dinner???
  6. Don't know but don't ask what I had for dinner tonight. Just try to stay on topic. Think about magpies. :D
  7. hey, check out the Dinner venue thread!!
  8. i say carry a tennis racquet around with you!!! :) :) :)
  9. Good suggestion.
    At high school I used to work part time at an auto wrecker. There was one magpie on the way to work that always had a go at me on my pushie. So I took to carrying my tire pump on my bike. Gave it a bloody good wack one time only and I only ever had to be holding it after that for it to leave me alone. :D
  10. i nearly cleaned up a magpie out the front of the lexus centre when it didnt use the traffic lights and stepped out onto the road .
    its name was nathan buckley
  11. i got swooped once at highschool..

    i tried to play it cool hen it was swooping ( iw as late to school once again ) and it almost got me so i started jogging still trying to llook cool and i got past the tennis court where there were big fences.. when all of the sudden.. BANG.. AHHHH *RUN*

    blood dripping down my neck :( that was my excuse for turning up 3hours late.. :D

    and i saw a magpie swooping a bicycle rider the other day on my bike...i laughed.. :D
  12. Air Rifle red dot scope... Problem gone. Serriously I'd go the eyes on back of helmet. Get some serious looking ones and they might soon become all the rage "Bike riders really do need eyes int he back of their head!!!"
  13. I believe they swoop when they are nursing their newborn or otherwise nesting.
    Perhaps, you could approach your local bird watching fraternity and suggest a relocation.

    The Shoei Daiijiro Kato helmet has a mean set of blood shot eyes on the back. Perhaps this may deter the 'pies. Although, I haven't tested mine for this ability, as yet... :wink:
  14. yep home made pellet does the job.... i don't care if they are looking after their babies or not, if they endanger human life, they need to be removed.....

    as for the football team may need a spud gun, as they are a little bigger :p :LOL: and don't get the hint that no one likes them :D
  15. Simple fix.
    Hot chip + Panadol.

    J.Jokes..... :oops:
    Very cruel.

  16. oooo you almost did the world a favour!
  17. We used to have one at home that started swooping pretty much all year round. The little bastard would make life horrible and became extremely good at staying out of sight before swooping, always just ripping out a little hair, taking great care to ensure that it was done in the most painful way.

    This magpie was the reason that I learned the word 'c#nt' from my dad.

    Then when I was about 12, dad taught me how to use a rifle. With in a week the bird stopped swooping and was never seen again. The end.
  18. hahhahaahah i loved the story egiste.

    bout a week or so ago i was riding along new cleveland road doin about 90km/h. sittin up. left hand on knee. when i feel this WHACK on the side of my helmut. me: "WTF". could hear all this scratching on my helmut. moved head right and a wing comes round the left side of my visor. duck down over the tank and look in left r/v mirror and this magpie just soar's down and trys to catch me again.. me: "HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA for the next km". must of looked hilarious for the cars that were coming toward me.
  19. Tested the eyes on the back of my Daijiro Kato helmet on Sunday. I've been told by Mrs Scumbag and Pete that a Magpie swooped down from the trees in the middle of Yarra Glen yesterday. Fortunately, it must have backed off at the last second; when it saw the eyes .
    I didn't feel a thing. Just kept on rollin' :D :D :D :D