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Fri, End of month time waister

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by VTRBob, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys / Girls
    Dont know about the rest of you but im sitting here twidling my thumbs, with no main server access Bc the girls upstairs are doing the end of month stuff so to break my bordom at least lets try this on for size !

    Short story ( max FIVE words per entry )

    It was a dark and frosty morning .................
  2. Tyres were squealing and smoking
  3. i'm telling twowheels on you ;)
  4. the lights turned green
  5. ... and suddenly everything went dark ...
  6. hey ill waist time anyway i can !! and stay on topic Neil !! :p


    at the end of the
  7. I said, "This'll never work"...
  8. I opened my eyes again
  9. As a pimped up....
  10. VT250 in lime leopard print
  11. with nos on the back
  12. and DOOF DOOF music blairing from
  13. the sic 12" seat mounted woofer
  14. hit the commadore in front
  15. spirio said, my commo re'!
  16. You sa gorn now mate"
  17. he picked up the ct110
  18. and dusted off the letters
  19. and used them as ninja... damn 5 word limit... stars :)
  20. Wrong story Raf, This ones got a Lime leopard print VT250...