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Fri 13 April - Putty ride - L/P friendly?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Tone2, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Short notice but I'm on holidays and desperate for a good bike ride. I've just arrived back tonight from a 6 day trip to Melbourne/Victoria, and I need to get out on two wheels. Try this recipe: Take one car, add seven people. Include one 5yo sufferer of travel sickness and two young drama queens for added spice. Shake briskly along the Great Ocean Road. Add a 10 degree day with showers and cutting winds to flavour excursions. After 9-10 hours, apply alcohol liberally.


    ...I'm looking at a ride up the Putty on Friday morning and I'm looking for company. Friday the 13th, gotta be a good sign. The forecast is sunny and mid-20s.

    I'm a P-plater on a LAMS cruiser, only ever done the Putty in a car before, so we're talking an up to the limit run, nothing that will worry too many kittens. I'm flexible on times and meeting places (I'm in Baulkham Hills).

    Let me know if you're interested.

  2. Not out of the question, but I probably won't decide until late tomorrow or early Friday.
  3. mmm, I'm waiting to take delivery of my new (for me) machine, but I just happen to have Starship Enterprise (aka my mate's big BMW) in the garage. Might be up for this, despite my mum and my mum in law being in hospital ATM :LOL:
  4. can it be weekend :). I'm just down the road from you
  5. Have fun. Be careful.
  6. Make it so, Mr Hornet!
  7. Also on holidays, might be able to do this
  8. Damn I'm working Thursday night so will either be asleep or really tired on Friday :/
  9. Any updates on this? What time are you planning on heading out? I have never done the Putty and am still getting used to bike so will be keen for a relaxed pace. Hornet are you in? I have some things on in the arvo/evening so still deciding.
  10. Was just thinking about that myself. I was definitely thinking morning, with the time of departure depending on who else wanted to come and their preferences.

    Borrowing from the Monthly Putty Run thread, we could meet at the Wilberforce servo (see here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=118317#.T4YYE9lnvf0)

    Say 9am, but I'm happy to move this if it doesn't suit.

    Don't know about the full circuit, happy to discuss.
  11. Don't think I'll have time for full circuit either. 9am sounds good, now I just need to work out how I get there. I'm hopeless with directions other than the inner west. Will discuss with the boss tonight but I'm an 80% chance in for now
  12. Simplest way from Balmain - take Parramatta Rd and then the M4 until the Cumberland Highway exit at Wentworthville. Turn right, then follow through until the Old Windsor Rd intersection. Turn left. Follow to Windsor. Go through Windsor, turn right on Wilberforce Rd. About 1hr 10 according to whereis.com.

    I've linked the map here.

    This route take you close to where I live, so I could meet you at Bella Vista - there's a BP servo at the spot marked as "Via 1" on the linked map. If you wanted to meet up there, we could meet at 8.30am.
  13. How 'friendly' is it going to be? I have the morning off, IE I have to be in the City by 4pm. If we get on the road close to 9 and don't fluff around too much the putty - broke - wollombi - old pac run is a pretty easy 6 hours... but it's been a long time since I actually stuck to an 80kph limit!

    For all you kids who haven't ridden up that way before, the putty/broke/wollombi trek is one of the best things you can do with your clothes on. If you haven't ridden it before then you should go and do it now.

    Really, I mean it, go and ride now. In the dark. Then you can do it again tomorrow (you'll want to anyway).

    Anyway if you think that timing is possible I will come along. If time is getting tight I can bail and head home anyway. If anyone else was keen to start earlier then it would give us some breathing room, But I love sleeping in and 9am is fine as long as we don't stop every hour :)

  14. Cool, lock me in. Just spoke to the boss and she is studying so I am free to ride! See you 8:30 at the BP? I'll pm you my mobile number when I get home
  15. Hi, Tim. As I'm slow as sh!t at the moment and have never been that way, so I have no idea if that timing is possible. You guys can just go your pace and I'll do my best.
  16. By friendly I mean I'm planning to be pretty much within the speed limit. Not that I'll be watching the speedo, so may end up over 'in the moment'. The problem with a P plate is any speeding infringement means license suspension, which sucks badly.

    Maybe if NK comes along we can have a two speed arrangement, with a few catch ups along the way?
  17. ...On the plus side I do get freakin awesome fuel economy doing 90...

    I'll make a decision by 10. I have to work till midnight so I won't get much sleep, and I am going riding the weekend as well so giving tomorrow a miss wouldn't be all too bad.

  18. OK, this is confirmed - stokedpaz and I are meeting up at the BP on Old Windsor Road at Bella Vista/Norwest Business Park at 8.30am. We'll then stop at the servo at Wilberforce at 9am. Let us know if you want to meet at either spot and we'll make sure we wait for you.
  19. Sorry to be so flakey but I'll make a call in the morning. If I'm not there by 9 then I miss out.

  20. No probs