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Frezzing by Butt off.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. well its that time of year in melbourne, its starting to get cold.
    So last years thermals have come out for another run, problem is, they dont stop the wind that much, i have a great winter Jacket, neither wind or rain gets in that baby, but i prefer to wear my JoeRocket more than anything, more comfortable.
    but as it is, i have a thermal top and pants, 2 tees and a long sleve tee, and i can still feel the wind on my chest.
    Does anyone know if the "Draggin Pure Kevlar K-Shirts" are any good??
    I need something Wind-Proof, but dont want to spend $300.00 at some hippie fancy Camping store.
    places like "paddy pallin" etc, i dont mind spending money there if the gears going to work, but i have to fit it under my riding gear.

    any recomendations on what you guys wear (those that ride everyday on freeways for an hour in particular) would be great

  2. I wear a leather vest underneath, though some consider it to be not so fashionable, i don't give a toss, it keeps me warm.....Oh as does plenty of bourbon.....newspaper......and fish and chips down the jacket :)
  3. Well, my dririder keeps all the wind out so I just wear that.

    I don't even have the lining in yet.
  4. The biggest issue we have is the wind penetrating the gear.

    So, look at bicycle riders. They wear a wind jacket over their gear. That is what I would recommend.
  5. yeah, thats what my other jacket is (DriRider), but I only wear that when it pouring (poring,, whatever) down.
  6. The "Draggin Pure Kevlar K-Shirts" will do nothing to stop the wind. Only use mine in summer.

    Been through a few Canberra winters now and I find that my Force jacket (same sort of thing as a dririder) with a polar fleece jumper under it is enough for me.

  7. I find mine comfy enough to wear any day.
    Not sure how it will be in summer yet. I suspect I will be buying a mesh one once it warms up.
  8. Try a "merino skins" - thermostatically controlled underwear. I wear mine over a business shirt and underneath my thinsulate lined leather jacket. It's a bit like a very thin pullover but is a really fine weave. This has been keeping me warm enough. Got mine from Paddy Palin for about $50.

    Be aware that a lot of the technical gear that is advertised and priced really high is actually pretty useless and ineffective if you are sitting on a bike. This gear relies on you moving and generating your own body heat.
  9. I use some of my cycling gear underneath the Tiger Angel Gortex jacket. In particular my wind proof vest, very light weight but with a windproof front on it. I find with this I can get away with a light thermal top and the vest and I am good to go down to about 8 degrees. Lower than that and I add a light weight polar fleece top underneath the vest and that will do me right down to the minus temps. Gets that low though and you have to watch out for other things as well.
  10. Actually the thermals "ice breakers" sold by those hippy stores are great.

    Pure wool, keep the heat in, thin as. And also since they are wool, don't hold the stench. Air them out and it's fine.
  11. They are merino wool and they are great. I got a couple cheap when I was in NZ.
    They don't stink if you sweat into them :)

    Any Merino should do the trick
  12. I was never cold with my dririder nordic and a jumper. However, even the most expensive pair of thinsulate gloves couldn't stop the tips of my fingers freezing on a cold melbourne morning.
  13. Just wear one of those cheap nylon spray jackets under your jacket.
    Will stop the wind full stop .
  14. well one of the hippie Stores told me to try and find this..
    N2S - (Next 2 Skin)

    WINDSTOPPER(r) N2S(tm) Fabric by Gore TEX
    "A three-layer laminate consisting of Gore-Tex’s legendary Windstopper® fabric, a moisture-management layer and a layer of wicking fibers
    100% windproof and highly water-resistant"

    its ment to be perfect for what i (we) need it for , but get this, as there is not a big market for it, they Never order it into Australia....
    the quantity they have to buy to get an order is huge, and the hippies dont like spending to much money.

    I'll try to find a O/S shipper that delivers, thats how i got most of my bike gear anyway.
    thanks for the help guys...
  15. People LISTEN to Smee....... Seriously, BMW riders are the best at riding in the weather. A simple wind jacket and all problems are solved. :)

    Smee, I agree 100%
  16. Could not agree more. I have the same problem, no glove I have tried stops my fingers tips from freezing.
  17. Wear a string singlet! LOL

    Under a merino top I mean. You would be toastie warm then.
  18. I've got some KTM Bark Busters. They tend to keep some of the wind off.
    When its snowing or raining heavily I use Crumpler bags over the top. Very effective.
  19. I got a pair of winter gloves. There are thinsulate, kevlar and goretex. Cant hold the bars very well but they keep my fingees warm. Dri rider noric pants, and a jumper under my leather jacket with my sray suit over the top keeps me toasty warm and a neck warmer. Also socks x2 and im all good :) Its not hard to rug up against the cold.