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Freudian Slip

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Finn, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Took the Family on a drive to Kangaroo Valley the other day.
    I nearly put my foot through the drivers door speaker trying to signal a bike to overtake me through the twisties. 8-[

  2. Hehe haven't done that one before (although I don't often want to be overtaken in the twisties either...).
    I'm the one in the cage though, nodding at bikes going past - usually after I've been riding...
    Funny thing is though, I think the riders "get it" - they nod back like they know I'm one of them...
  3. ^^ i've nodded when i'm not on the bike
    went to filter while in my work truck once too (stopped myself before it got messy though)
  4. LOL! I drove to work this morning (usually ride...), and while approaching a large crossroads I "had a look" down the middle!
  5. Just a thank you nod, not all cagers are bad guys, same as riders really.
  6. I nearly put my helmet on to take the car to the shops once - now thats ATGATT :)
  7. I had a cab in front of me yesterday move just as I was approaching so that he was straddling two lanes. It looked as though he was attempting to filter, but perhaps he was trying to piss me off. Or maybe he was just driving all over the place as some cabbies like to do.
    I nod when when I'm on my pushie.

  8. and how boring is it in the cage :D
  9. haha.. i got around in a wheelchair for about a year, pretty damm quickly too i might add... maybe 50kph downhill max, mostly on the road, because footpaths are just too bad for wheelchairs.
    (it's an absolute disgrace how badly the community is set up for people in wheelchairs, try crossing a road or getting grocery shopping, access to shops etc)
    i still nodded to bikes just out of habbit.
    have to wonder what they thought of that.. probably made a few slow down and take it easy., though that was'nt really intended.
    if a guy in a wheelchair used to nod to you, flying down springvale or ferntree gully road a few years ago, was probably me.
    nowadays i'll hover beside you, nod.. and then just blow you off... plenty more horsies now.
  10. I pulled into a slow vehicle lane on the bike to allow a car to overtake me in the twisties yesterday...

    That was a first.
  11. Hehe Bloody awful.
    I found myself shifting in my seat unintentionally. Mrs picked me up on it.
    Did two laps of Mac Pass too after lunch at Robbo pie shop, just to show my young blokes where Dad goes when he "goes to the pie shop".

    When we got back from our weekend down south, I found myself "resting" my left-hand on my hip/thigh (whilst driving) 8-[
  12. nodding as a passenger in the car to bikes.

    tapping my head with my hand to warn there's police up ahead. EDIT: while IN a car!!
  13. OH MAN... i thought it was tap your head and rub your belly in a circular motion simultaineously for cops
  14. oh, sorry, i meant while IN a car. not on the bike.