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freshRIDERS; A Must For New Riders - bike info, tips, etc.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. With the amount of new riders signing up I decided to create a website designed specifically to provide information to new riders in Australia.

    Here it is:
    freshRIDERS- The Ultimate Resource For New Riders

    There you will find a quiz that will determine what you want and need in a bike, then output the possible candidates - awesome if you're confused about what is right for you!

    There is also information about the most popular learner legal bikes, pics, specs, description, etc.

    And a FAQs section about getting your license, costs, riding tips, gear, how to learn, etc. etc.

    The whole site is a work in progress but theres alot of info there.

    I've spent many, many hours developing the site;

    If you appreciate my effort, find any of the info useful, or are just plain bored, please click a few of the google ads at the bottom of its pages!

    Edit: I spent yesterday playing around with new names and graphics for the website as I was told 'netrider' has been used before from a guy named Boris. Had an email from him today and apparently he has it trademarked so I immediately took down the site this morning. I've now changed it to freshRIDERS - spent 10 seconds thinking of the name as I wanted the site back up ASAP.
  2. Shame you didn't talk to us first, you could have been given learnerrider.com.au to develop :(
  3. all i see is a blank red page?
  4. I posted my interest in making it a few months ago and had status updates :p

    If you want to work something out I'm all for it.

    HAHA *massive fail*

    I should have tested it more with IE. and other browsers.. it should work properly in firefox though.. :D

    Hopefully I'll have a less c0cked up version in the next little while :D

    Edit: If it won't load for u, please tell let me know what browser you are using.

    If it DOES work for you, still please let me know what browser you're using :)
  5. Bit o' work to do there, by the look of it - not displaying properly here.
    Does this mean that Boris' site of the same name is kaput?? (Can't find it any more...)
  6. Here's an idea; why don't you configure it for the browser that 99% of the world uses, FIRST??? :p.
  7. Then they'll never upgrade to the superior browser :p
  8. http://netrider.net.au/
  9. I got IE 6 and it loads fine etc.

    I quickly answered the questions and in the end came to a page that said something about these bikes will be best for you and there was NOTHING there except the text telling me these were the bikes that would suit me.

    Can only imagine is some poor noob took it as gospel and thought 'oh ill never be able to ride a bike because none suit me' lol
  10. Cheers.. its not trademarked luckily.. may have to change it later.
  11. So many bugs, so little time :D

    If you're too specific or enter clashing criteria it has issues (eg. you select you want the fastest and the most fuel efficient).
  12. Site loads fine for me IE6
  13. Hi Phizdog,
    Cool site! Ive done some website developing work in the past and I know how long it can take to iron out all the bugs! I did the quiz, and I clicked on the link to restart the quiz and it opened in a new window...IMHO I think websites flow better if you keep content within the same window. Keep with it, looks great so far!
  14. At least his law suits come after his threats of violence ;)
  15. youll probably want to think of an original name for it.:shock: i thought you were joking. :?
  16. Thanks mate its not supposed to do that, fixed now? :)
  17. Re: netrider; A Must For New Riders - bike info, tips, faqs, e

    Email amcn@acpmagazines.com.au for the attention of Boris. He mihgt do a write up in Twisty Bits for you. :bolt: :rofl:

    Good idea. I'd change the name though. I don't think he'll be happy. :wink:
  18. Actually IE only has 55% of the market now, and from a development point of view it makes sense to code it right in the first place and then bastardise it to work with IE.

    On a plus note Microsoft have announced that starting with IE8 they will start complying with w3c standards...
  19. From a (professional) web developers perspective:

    Flash nav - BAD! Replace it with a CSS menu based on lists, easier to manage, and it's actually search engine friendly.
    CSS could be better, there are level selectors in it for a reason.
    Use headings for headings!

    In terms of design:

    If it's not going to fit in a 800x600 screen, make it big enough it will fill a 1024x768 one then!
    Centre it, unless you want to make it fluid and expand to fill the entire screen.

    I'm getting really tempted to rip it apart, redo all the markup and css for you right now... It's not bad, and i've certainly seen worse, but it could be better. I've added you to my MSN phizog, message me after Tuesday and I'll help

    As a rider:

    Ooo, pretty pictures and shiny! Useful info ;)
  20. *yawn*

    Although it passes Acid2 now...accidentally they say. Yeah right!