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Fresh QLD learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blackers10, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    I am a fresh SE QLD learner doing the research for a first bike and gear.
    I am 30 this year so time to get in the saddle and see what all the fuss is about haha.

    I am looking into the Yamaha MT-07LA as a prospective bike. they seem to be getting a real cult following as a load of fun to ride.
    I am a performance car person so know how to respect the throttle and not go beyond my abilities.

    look forward to learning more from the forum.

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  2. Welcome to NR Brendon from another QLD noob. Seems many of us are getting on two wheels around here lately.
  3. Awesome. What is the law re: licensed riders "supervising" more than 1 learner together haha.
  4. don't know. How old are you? Do you have a requirement to be on L's for a period of time before can do the q-ride? I have open car licence so could do q-ride straight away - they can teach you in two days what you need to know to ride a bike. The roadcraft etc... for me transferred well from driving, so traffic wasn't an issue
  5. I am 30 in July, with open car licence
    I guess its time to go and do a Q ride course :)I have had my L bike licence for years.
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    You should be good to go then. The two day course is good, instruction progresses well and all is pretty easy.
  7. any recommendations on places to go north side of Brisbane?
  8. Welcome aboard Blackers, another noob myself. Not northside but I can highly rcommend the Qride course with the guys at Pro Honda Moorooka. I did mine only few weeks ago and can't speak highly enough of them.
  9. I went to Stay Upright at Mt. Cotton, they were good. Don't know north of the city. Do a search online, am guessing most would be fine.
  10. Have actually ridden a bike at all? Just asking as getting your Ls in Qld 'years ago' was only a matter of 5 questions and pay a fee.
    Might pay you to have a few goes at the current test to brush up your knowledge as things change over the years.

    As for Qride providers I am biased toward Stay Upright in SEQ.
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  11. I've only ridden a pee wee a couple of times years ago.
  12. Best do the 2 day Qride then :)
  13. yeah :) seems to be the go.
    bonus is you usually use/rent their well abused bikes so if you screw up you don't ruin your pride and joy eh.
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  14. There is no actual law but the police are known to frown on more than 1 learner per supervisor unless the supervisor is an accredited trainer and running a Qride course.
    It's no easy thing to be a supervisor and keep half a dozen ducklings in line.
  15. welcome aboard ;-)
  16. Welcome! Best of luck with your course~
  17. welcome to Netrider Brenden :happy:....those MT07's are certainly very popular!
  18. they certainly seem to be gathering a cult following. which is good for parts and support. but bad because its hard to be original and not be seen as "one of those people with an MT-07" haha
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  19. I still reckon the best learner bike is a second hand GS500. Still got enough poke to be fun, and you wont be shitty when you drop it. Ride it for a year, upgrade to fill licence, flog it off for about the same price you bought it and then buy a non-lams bike of your preference.

    This is of course, unless you have heaps of dollars to throw at bikes!!!
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