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Fresh onto the ashfault.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Blunty, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Helo people,
    Soon to be new rider, so's I thought I'd better get the intro's done. Take heart, and be kind, I can get pretty verbose.

    I go by Blunty online, name's Nate. I'm a Tasmanian, and I'm 25 and thus far in my life I've gotten on just fine without a licence (car or otherwise), walking where I can, Public transport where I can't - (usually busses), lately that has begun to bug me, particularly the smelly, wreched human filth I'm forced to "expeirience" when on the bus. the walking I don't mind. i rather enjoy it actually....

    aaaanyway, the missus just (and I mean just, as in yesturday) got her first car, and in the lead up to that purchace I started thinking more and more about the advantages of self relyant transportation.
    I'd been attracted to bikes and scooters for quite some time now, mainly because of the built-in "cool factor" but as I seriously considered the idea more and more I started to see more "real world" benefits.

    So I started the research, I've spent the last couple of weeks trauling the net for all kinds of info on bikes and scooters and all the related safety equipment, riding and safety tips, the culture, the online communities (the best of which I've found is this one, hence my joining it).

    I made my decision on what I'd like to ride, a scooter (hold the jokes, I've read 'em all ;) ) I justify this decision by three main points, cheap, extremely economical to run, and fun. and seeing as we (the missus and I) now have a car for lugging things, and people, around, long trips etc the main use for the scooter will be cheap easy nimble transportation that's also got a lot of fun built in. plus (and I know I'm probably gonna be in the minority here) I've always thought scooters are very very cool (ever since, as a child, I saw "stoney" on one in the movie "encino man")

    I've decided the scooter I like is the EZ-100 by Hyosung (a relatively new player in the australian market, said to be the "daewoo of the motorcycle market in australia") 100cc 2stroke air cooled, and will get about 30K to the litre...
    every thing I've read about the scoot says it's a good, solid, relyable performer easily abe to keep up with traffic, and pull away from it quite smartly... and for $3000+orc it's a bargain compared to everything else I've looked at.
    any one have any experience with this model, or the brand in general?

    I even have my Helmet already picked out. A HJC ac-11, the L fits me like a glove and is very light and VERY comfortable, and seems to breathe well (important for me as I tend to sweat easily)

    all I need to decide on now is the gloves (same requirements as the helmet) a good summer/winter jacket, and some good boots that won't look silly when I'm walking around with 'em on.

    I've been studying my road rules, I've found out how much, where and when the pre L's morotcycle safety course is in my part of Aus, and the P's course as well... after I come back from my trip to LA at the end of March I'll be getting it all together and hitting the streets.
    I'm very exited. :)

    so... HI. :D
  2. Hello and welcome :D

    I hope you enjoy riding your scooter :twisted: Will be different from walking everwhere and taking public transport :x I can't remember the last time I took public transport anywhere.. I think it was a plane to Sydney 3-4 years ago..

    Anyway best of luck with getting your L's etc

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. no ? really ?

    ;) - Hi and welcome [​IMG]
  4. Welcome and enjoy. Two wheels are still two wheels regardless of the capacity.
  5. Hiya Blunty, welcome to the forums (you'll be sooooorry :wink: )

    what part of tassie you from?

  6. We won't hold that against you :)
    Welcome Nate.
  7. Blunty,
    Scooters are terrific!
    The Hyosung is a South Korean brand with a pretty good reputation for reliability and build quality. 100cc two stroke will get you through the traffic quite happily.

    Things to look at:
    - see if your intended helmet will fit under the seat, there is not much space. If not, you may want to bargain for a top box.
    - sit on it and check both the seat height and the leg room.
    - check that you can get both service and parts in Tassie.

    Agree they are an absolute bargain for the price.

    Happy scootering,
  8. Welcome to Netrider Nate :)

    I've got an HJC AC-11 in M which has been fantastic. Only thing I'd suggest is to see if you can get into a M at all - I've found mine has compacted somewhat faster than my Arai did - it's not really a problem, but if I needed to replace it I'd seriously consider getting an S to compensate for the compacting.
  9. Dan you haven't seen any African Head shrinkers hanging around lately? I'd hate to see you end up like this

    Welcome Nate!!
  10. Hobart.
    Exactly what I've been reading all over the place :) nice to see it backed up by a local (who isn't writing for a magazine).

    Thanks for the advice, I'll head back to the bike shop on the weekend and see if I can crush my boof-head into a M.

    thanks for all the welcomes guys and gals.

    and matt232, I've been looking at those dri-riders too, the seem to fit the bill nicely.
  11. matt232 - thats a very lame photochop.. did you do it yourself?
  12. I was going to make a smart arsed reply....
    But I realised I'm in tassie, and I ride an Across,

    Better keep the gob shut :shock:


  13. A very good point, according to the hyosung website, there are no whoflung dealers in Tas :cry:

    Pity, I kinda like the Comet 650, esp for the price.

  14. Hello! Welcome aboard!!

    :D :D :D
  15. on any other day i may say something intelligent and witty but not today instead i'll just say g'day
  16. Blunty

    I'm trying to emulate the north Islanders with coffe nights etc, if your interested, give us a PM and we'll see if we can start something.

    Also, I've marked out a carpack area in Kingston with some lines, figure 8 etc that the stay upright course use, if you want to practise anytime.

    Dunno if the whoflung will get ya up the outlet tho :D

    I'm in Snug BTW, but work in Hobart

  17. Already ahead of you on that one. I've e-mailed the Hyosung guys (and got a very fast, very useful reponse, customer service gets an A+ so far) and they're already in negotiation with a local shop, and plan to have it all nailed down by next month :)

    and Iffracem, although I loathe coffee, I'm sure something like that would be fun :) I'll keep it in mind for when I finally get my wheels.
  18. If it's lame, then most likely.

    What are you refering to?
  19. Pfffft.... tea, chocolate, red wine, beer, white wine, water, wotever.

    ooooooo. :eek: whoflungs in Hobart... Winner! :D did they say which dealer?