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Fresh on the forum!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ROAMER, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just taught to introduce myself first!

    My name is Dragan (not DRAGON - no fire spitting). Dragging my roots from former Yugoslavia, I'm a 25YO electronics technicinan curretly living in Noble Park. Single as one can be(I know this is not a love forum!!). I ride THE MORTICIAN (yes it's gotta name, had to do it after a friend pronaunced virago as VIAGRO) 1990 Virago 250 since April last year. I stumbled across this web page in search of riders groups that I could interract with, ride, chat, etc. etc. I did a lot of kilometres on my bike but all alone. Eventough I can see that most of the bikes here are the sport ones, I hope you all are gonna accept one mini cruiser to tag along!
  2. Welcome aboard Nomad(dragan) 8) Im sure you'll fit in fine,small bike,big bike,it doesnt matter as long as it has 2 wheels mate! :p You'll find there is quite a few with 250s mate,so dont stress about that! Hope you enjoy yourself and make sure you come along for a ride or a coffee night mate,its good fun with friendly people mate,enjoy! :p 8)
  3. bikes, sports/cruisers have fun, netrider has always made me feel very welcome, no hassles when you have time join in for the coffee and rides, a nice bunch of people :).
  4. Yeah welcome, Dragan..... yeah mate... theres heaps of 250 riders. Usually get more 250cc bikes showing up to ridedays...

    Come tag along with us on a rideday.... its all about the company..... :) And go at your own pace :)


  5. Thats it mate,doesnt matter if you're fast or slow when with a group,its all about the ridse itself! WooHooo i made my 200 posts! I can go to bed now too! :p :LOL:
  6. kakosi?
  7. hey welcome ,
    250, scooter what ever makes no differance .
    you only need 3 things
    1. sometimes a bit of thick skin when posting on the site. ( like all forums)
    2. love of coffee
    3. a sense of humour

    if you have those you will fit right in .

    ps dont forget coffee nights fridays .
  8. Welcome Dragan to the madness,
    Come along to a coffee night and suss the group out, there is mad, bad and slightly odd individuals..and then there is the bikes :) Size doesn't count *cough much* it's what you do with it and all roads end at coffee :D :wink:
  9. Welcome to the MaDnEsS of NetRider!

  10. Nomad (Dragan) - welcome and keep it shiny side up
  11. Welcome Dragan! We don't bite.....much!!!

    :D :D :D
  12. welcome mate
  13. Welcome to the site Dragan.

    Im sure we will catch up on a ride day sometime.
  14. Hello and welcome :)

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. Thnak you all on the warm wellcome!!!

    I can seee that you are just what I need!!! Ride and fun loving bunch!!! I think I'll get along just fine!!! You will see me for sure on your cofee nights and many other events!!!

    Thank you all one more!!!

    P.S Vic - dobro sam!!! :)
  16. dobro! (i think thats how its spelt!) Haha my old man used to work with slavs,he can speak it really well,me,i cant :p
  17. Very well spelt mate!!! Then you probably know a lot of swear words since that is the first that people learn from our langugage :D
  18. LOL!thank you Nomad! :LOL: I know a few swear words!lol! :LOL: :p 8)
  19. hahaha I knew it!! OK we can "insult" each other when we meet somewhere!! :D
  20. Hahaha :LOL: I look forward to it Nomad! :p :LOL: 8)