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Fresh off the Test

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by JamesBlack90, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    There's just so many words to describe me in relation to motorcycles. Fresh. Newbie. Lumpy. Greeny. Take your pick.

    Up until this morning, I had never even sat on one, and now I'm sitting here typing this, licensed (or should I say, permitted) to ride the streets of Victoria. Watch out!

    Hoping to gain some valuable knowledge and learn from all of you here on this forum. Even riding in a circle at 25km/h all day to get my permit was the most freeing experience. Now I just need to buy some gear. Oh and a Bike. Oh, and fork out an insane amount of money for insurance.

    Anyway, good to meet you all and I hope one day I can be on here sharing my experiences to the newbies, greenies, lumpies and freshies of the time.

  2. Welcome to NR. Good luck on picking a first bike..
  3. Welcome to the insanity. There is just something addictive about riding a motorized bicycle (y)
  4. Howdy and welcome to NR! Read lots, learn lots and keep us up to date on your first ride. Any ideas about a potential first bike?
  5. Welcome James,
    There's nothing quite like the grin you have after a good ride. Now you'll be hooked.
    Whereabouts are you based ?
  6. Thank you everyone :D

    Hi Goldenberri, I'm writing up a full post at the moment, as I am seeking some suggestions on where to go, however long story short is that the bikes I was considering aren't going to be big enough. After sitting on a CBR250 all day, I am very sore and it was very cramped. (I'm 6"2')

    Hi Stever, I am in Melbourne CBD but looking forward to exploring the state!
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  7. Which means that unlike me you will have a plethora of bikes to choose from. I'm vertically challenged..... :sorry:
  8. welcome aboard :] congrats on the L's. Good luck on your search for a bike.

    When it comes to gear check out the bargin bins and specials section of places like peter stevens etc and definately check out AMX
  9. Hey James,
    Have a look at this site. Motorcycle Ergonomics
    It should help with finding bikes that will fit you better.
  10. Hi there
  11. Welcome to NR and the addiction that follows...
  12. Congrats on your test and welcome to NR. Plenty of good resource here for the reading