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fresh meat

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nibor, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. hey guys, figured i'd bother to introduce myself, see if i end up hanging around for a while :D getting my licence in a month or 2, and on the lookout for a CBR250 R or RR. im from South East Melb, out in the dandy's n by the looks of it theres a fair few of ya's out this way. if anyone can help me out with anything, that'd b awesome :)

  2. Bloody CBR250s.

  3. Welcome aboard the NR adventure :newb:

  4. lol wots wrong with CBR250s? :p

    cheers :D
  5. nothing if you dont like being able to hear

    welcome to nr
  6. cbr250rrrrrRRRRRRRRRR's

    the bikes of pirates :grin:

    enjoy the carnival me hearty :LOL:
  7. haha im a promoter so im out clubbing half the time its not like i can hear anyway :grin:
  8. Actually, my housemate is looking to get rid of his...

    There's no RWC or rego, his Dad will be fixing it up for sale in a few weeks, I'll suss it out for you!

    It's red... Don't know if that counts!
  9. Oh, & welcome!
  10. that'd b awesome chani, it wouldnt b a few weeks before i could scrounge up cash n a loan to get it anyway, i might be jumping the gun looking for a bike atm.. but yeah any pics, specs, that'd be sweet :)
    thanks mate
  11. YaRRRRR!!!

    Welcome aboard! :p
  12. Welcome nibor :grin: