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fresh meat!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fleety, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. hello all, just joined up and only new to riding, thought I would say a quick g'day to everyone!

  2. And heres a quick welcome right back at ya... enjoy the antics.

  3. ...and a welcome to you, just about everything you need for motorbicycling is here:)
  4. Remember to sort the wheat from the charf but its always interesting.
    Welcome aboard.
  5. i thought you were a butcher - hmm mmmeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttttt!!

    ahh - oh well - anyway - Welcome!!! :newb:
  6. gday fleety
  7. Fresh meat in the Politics, Laws, and Government forum... and here I was wondering how US lamb prices affect us motorcyclists :p

    Safe Posting, Happy Riding.
  8. Welcome fresh meat, enjoy your stay.
  9. Moved to welcome lounge, folks use some nous and see which forum you are posting to.
  10. Hurro :) How do you find your GS500F?
  11. Hi fleety, welcome to the forums mate.
  12. Welcome Fleety - Hope you enjoy.
  13. Hi fleety,
    I hear that there is a BBQ happening!
    Hope you have a few spare ribs and don't burn your Bacon