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Fresh meat

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Subzer0, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Hi Net rider Community,

    I'd just like to introduce myself; My name is Joel, I'm 22 and looking to get my first bike.

    I've been around bikes my entire life, and on the back of my old man's various motorcycles since about 6 months old.

    I was a part of the Australian 300ZX Owners Association for a few years while I had my Z32 and have learned a lot about vehicle maintenance, modifying and the pitfalls of being an enthusiast.

    As a result, I'd like to find a fairly stock standard, CHEAP, first bike to learn on. Something I can ride the 45km trip to work or the odd 2 hour trip to Dubbo and won't have to wring it's neck.

    After I'm used to riding and have the basics down pat, I'd like to upgrade to a lams 600 or 650 like the ER6NL or Yammy XJ6.

    I prefer naked bikes, but won't object to a faired model if the riding position is comfortable and ease of maintenance isn't impacted too much.

    Anyway, I look forward to being a part of your wonderful community and your collective wealth of knowledge.

  2. welcome aboard BTW the question is standard =D
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  3. Like the thread title. Welcome :)
  4. Nah its only in the mid 20's today.. ;)
  5. Haven't seen a new male member asked this before Justus!

    Not that there's anything wrong with it if that's what floats your boat! LOL
  6. Welcome to NR !
  7. Welcome to Nutrider!
  8. I kinda wish I looked like her, I'd get so much free stuff.

    Thanks for the replies guys
  9. Are you saying you're not hot?
  10. Welcome aboard. Are there any nice twisty roads around Nyngan?
  11. Welcome from the yet again breezy and wet north.
  12. It's pretty much dead straight for 100kms or so in every direction, but the family and I are looking at moving back to the Gold Coast in a year or so.

    I can't wait to build my skills up a bit and go for a blast to Murwillumbah :D
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  13. Awesome site, it should give me a rough idea of what to expect before I start test riding.
  14. fwiw (and I'm a noob) 182cm, 85cm inseam, and I feel cramped on VTR250 (I have shit knees), and Ducati M400, no chance..
    ZZR250 is ok for me, as is CB400..

    still, nothing compares to actually sitting on some bikes :)
  15. I'm 178cm and no idea on the instead but regular fit pants fit well. And 77kg, so I should fit ok on months long as I'm not in a full racing crouch. I understand handle bars can be replaced or adjusted to compensate for how far you lean forward though