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Fresh meat!! from the West!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vella_1, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi ya all!! Just to say a big HELLO! new to this so ill know i will stuff it up some were! :oops: Have been on some rides & had the best time! Very very nice guys'n girls.... Hope to see more of yous on rides or meets! :grin: ..... Paul :LOL:

  2. Hi Paul, and welcome to the asylum without walls :).

    Would I be right in guessing that somewhere in your heritage there lurks a connection with Malta???
  3. Thanks for the welcome!! :grin: Yes you got that right, mum & dad are from the old rock called Malta!
  4. Welcome to the NR welcome lounge Paul :LOL: glad you found it !

    I tried to reply to your other thread but the Mods have removed it or placed it in holding to shift. Unsure which at this stage, so time will tell if it pops up somewhere else or not!

    Just general note, you may want to use normal print instead of bold. If/when a need arises only bold whats essential at the time :wink: If unsure about things just ask. :wink:

    Have fun finding yourself around the NR tree, its an interesting & informative place :)
  5. Thanks for the welcome Heather! & tips, you were a really great help tonight :) Oh & i thing i did know you from school, you have a older bro??
  6. Hiya Paul!

  7. Now I told you thats impossible considering Im only 21 :LOL: yes to older bros but they didnt go there, we'll figure it one day!

  8. Hi ya back Mel!! :grin: hey coool bike you have there. Oh i ride like a girl also! :LOL:
  9. Hmmmm someone left the door ajar. :p


  10. Thanks mate!! :grin: ... Yeah your right! ... hey seening that you know me more then anyone, dont tell no one here that im a crapy rider!! :eek:
  11. Hiya Vella :grin:

    [​IMG] @ the thread heading you chose to go with..

  12. Thanks MG!!! yeah mate i do like a bit of KFC!! :grin:
  13. :grin: Vella.

    Catch up with you one day. :wink:

  14. Not a prob! :grin: Take care.... Hey that was chicken yeah?? :?
  15. Your guess is as good as mine. :LOL:

    I looked at your thread heading & simply looked for an appropriate
    pic in google and thats what I found.

    No idea what it is.

  16. LOL!!!! Well now all netriders know that i like to blow chickens!! LOL
  17. possibly pork - when i was in seychelles, you get a wild boar into a pen, smack it over the head several times with wood, cut it's guts open, grab out the intestine, blow the crud out (like above), fill it with meat, soak it in blood, eat it raw, voila! black pudding. apparently half cooked pork is no good but ya can eat that kinda crap raw. then throw the 270kg carcass in the back of the truck with the kids, (that was fun and attractive for me), and hope like crap that sh!tbox truck makes it up the mountain to the butchers.
  18. Welcome Vella!, my other half is from Altona Nth just off Millers Rd.
  19. This is fresh meat


    Oh yeah & welcome Vella

  20. Hey Greenrider!! thanks mate :grin: hey! im just off Millers Rd also!! But im a full not a half :wink: ....Take care bud