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Fresh meat for the grind

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Keeper, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    My name is David, I live on the Gold Coast, QLD and have been here on and off for the last 5 years prior to that I was from Wellington, New Zealand.

    I'm currently riding a MV Agusta Brutale 910 but my previous rides have included a couple R1s, a couple ZX6s (I raced a RR in the QLD clubmans about 2-3 years ago), too many 150s to name but mostly kawasakis, a MV Agusta F4 a Ducati monster, a couple Cagiva Raptors and I wont bother with the dirk bikes.

    Straight off, 'the only reason Im on the Brutale now is it keeps me a little slower than the full fairing bikes on the straights, and is a s**t load more fun to throw around the twisties IMO.

    I just finished what is ending up being a every second year trip to the island mollesting our favourites including Waterfall way, Putty Road, Mount Hotham and too many more good roads to mention.

    I'm a big fan of the ol radar detector w/ H.A.R.D as it has saved my license a couple times, but with no fairings to mount it in on the Brutale I'm trying to exercise better wrist control to moderate my speed :cry:

    Anyway hopefully will speak to you all soon, my girl friend will post later using my name too, she has a ZZR250 so I will have no choice but too let her. :LOL:

  2. Welcome to the Forum

    Nice list of past bikes

    Care to expand on the radar detector and "H.A.R.D" - thanks in advance

    Enjoy the Brutale, they look like a heap of fun
  3. Hi David

    Welcome to NR

    Send some sunshine down this way please :cool: :grin:
  4. Welcome. That is an exceptional list of past bikes. How much fun wsa the F4, or rather how scary was it?

    Oh and do tell more about this radar detector w/ H.A.R.D, I'm interested. :cool:
  5. Welcome David
  6. we use the beltronics xr radar detector, you can get them in tons of online stores, then connect it to what is know as a H.A.R.D. system, which in essense is a LED (small bright light) on a cable you put in your helmet, its easy to take off and only hangs on by velcro too so doesnt fook the lid if you want it fully gone.

    the LED flashes when the radar picks up a signal, of course you get lots of false warnings (thanks to service stations in part mainly) but on the open road any flash is usually worth slowing for.

    On the newer full fairing road bikes we found you can put the radar in a plastic bag, then mount in the fairings near the blinker stalks so that it is completely out of site, and only has plastic in front of it, this still gives great protection.

    the radar will cost you about $800 and the HARD about $250 to install, if you have problems finding any on the web i can point you to someone who can.

    the F4 was just the 750, absolutely amazing hadling bike but lacking in power a little, i have ridden the new F4 1000 and managed to once get a ride on the Tamborini model, now that is BALISTIC!!!
  7. You guys need to join the Queenslanders for the Kyogle run on Sunday! :wink:
  8. I bet the Tamborini was nuts... :shock:

    Thanks for the info on the radar. Sounds interesting and 1k is worth keeping my license. Ill have to check it out.
  9. Hi David

    Welcome to NR.

    Red :wink:
  10. might see if i can borrow a friends zx14 for the day and coem out, i need a new rear tyre and headlight on the brutale
  11. Oooh... an Agusta man :)