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Fresh import

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anthony88, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, this is a link to a bike i'm looking at http://scottsmotorcycles.bikepoint....=2427380&TabID=4700&Alias=scottsmotorcyclesau
    What does the dealer mean by fresh import? Does this mean it has been owned by someone in another country and recently imported into Aus.Or would the case be that a bike like this was put together in Aus. And also how can they claim the bike is a 2007 model when the last cbr2500rr's to my knowledge were made in 1999-2000. Even though the parts for these bikes were made last in 1997 or something like that. Has anyone bought a bike like this from a dealer, are they considered grey imports?Anyone here think its a bit pricey or is it worth the $?

  2. Grey import. 2007 will be the year of compliance. Being a fresh import means that it would have been brought in from Japan, (most likely mid to late 2007) had the once over and can now be ridden legally on our roads. Only the tri-colour graphic was sold in Aus.
  3. Scotts Motorcycles is an importer of 'grey' 250RRs. Having recently examined several of these up close, I can assure you that although they are not (of course) 2007 models, they are as good as you'll get in a refurbished import, at least in Sydney.
  4. What do you mean by the "once over"? One owner? And also how come theres no k's on it?
  5. Scots check all components and systems and prepare them for sale. The mileage they have done before this process is pretty irellevant. Put it this way, at least with one of these you know it hasn't been thrashed to death on ride days, and/or abused on the road by a Rossi-wanabe learner/provisional rider, as is often the case with private sale machines.
  6. I mean that the bike would have been serviced and everything checked out. We also have different laws over here so things have to be changed for the bike to be legal. As an example, we have to have lights on at all times so the lights are re-wired so they come on automatically.

    Dammit Hornet600, :facepalm: I was trying to get in first so I would sound smart. :-k :rofl:
  7. Hey Hornet, is the sky dropping bits of ice where your at? And also so these bikes from scot's would be like pretty much brand new?
  8. I was looking at Bikesales today and noticed a heap of CBR2500RR's for sale - a lot of Aus Imported ones too. I would be looking at them instead of a $7K import. Just my opinion...
  9. Yeah, we're getting the edge of what must be a nasty thudnerstorm somewhere (I'm in Oak Flats).

    You can't describe these bikes as new, because the major components, engine gearbox, swing arm bushes and steering head bearings, etc, are all 20 years old. And the fact they are offered with only a 3 month warranty is an indication that they are nowhere near new. But Scotts are a reputable dealer who've been in business for over 40 years, so I think there's a level of trust there.

    Gixxa, when you've been on this forum a while, you learn to check new posts regularly, and type FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. round 2 will be hitting in 45mins for you gents, looks nasty too.
  11. I reckon a snail would be able to type faster than I can :LOL:

    Whats a "thunderstorm". We dont get anything like that here in good ol central Vic. :grin:
  12. battenin' down the 'atches, cap'n.......
  13. So which way would it be cheaper? To buy a bike from a private seller and get the bike looked at by a mechanic or buy a bike from a dealer? Or would it work out near the same except the dealers bike would probably be better.
  14. Anthony I haven't bought a 250 since August 1974, so I'm probably better off leaving this to multitude of people on the forum who own or have owned 250RRs. But I would be happy to go up to Kogarah with you if you want to go and see what Scotts have to offer.....
  15. If you're getting it properly inspected theres not much harm in getting one privately. Dealers will ask (and often get) 7 grand for imports.. They were only like 11 grand when new 10-15 years ago hehe.
  16. Search everywhere. When I bought My NSR250 three years ago I looked at the dealers and they wanted $6000-$8000 for one. After searching(I looked for about a month, no rush) I found one at a place that does roadworthies for a lot of dealers and they only wanted $4000. They usually pass these bikes on to the dealer to be sold for a lot more.

    Good luck with the search, hope you find what your after. :grin:
  17. Hey sweet,thnx. I'll keep that in mind. As I pass scott's shop just about every day, I have also noticed Sydney city motorcycles and Cycle city. Are these also reliable places to buy a second hand bike?
  18. Yeah, both big dealerships, both been there a while. But why don't you see if you can buy a bike down here that way you can get servicing etc, done down here and build up a relationship with a local dealer?
  19. im not a fan of Scotts,

    I was lookign at an add for a bike on the internet, and it had all the info there.
    and he said for that price the imported bike will have the old paint, and in the add it said will be freshly painted.

    im sorry but once some omne tries to pull the shifty on me they lose all respect.
  20. Did you go there and look??? The 3 CBRs I saw on one day I was there would have won a concourse at any bike show in the country :roll:.