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Fresh Eggs From Aldi!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sandman, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Hey peeps, I rode to Aldi in Beaconsfield Victoria today to do some shopping but when I got home and unpacked the eggs into the fridge, I noticed one was broken and some soft little spoungy looking things ontop of some of the eggs. It wasn't until I got into some light and saw that they were maggots and then the rotten smell just hit me and nearly made me throw up. Looks like Aldi had them out somewhere where flys could get at and the flys laid the maggots in the box with the broken egg. The worst part was just after I took the photo of the eggs on the verandha, the dog walked up and gobbled the broken egg with maggots down in one gulp :shock:

    Checkout the Pics I took below. Havent bought them back cos I almost vomited when it first hit me what it was, and I threw them out but not before taking some photos (thanks to my bro for giving me the idea).
    Hope they give me a refund without me bringing the eggs back cos theres noway i want that back in my bag. Who cares if the dont but im pretty pissed cos now i cant eat eggs for a while.

  2. Sorry bout your eggs, I learned the hard way too, with eggs from "safeway". Now I open the pack I have selected and check for breakages, saves embarisment at the family barbie :shock:

    Love the pics tho
  3. You had maggots in your fresh eggs too, Jafu?
  4. You should have just thrown out the rotten egg. The rest of the eggs would have been fine, it was only cause it was cracked open that it had maggots in it!!
  5. lmfao,, totally revolting
  6. Yep maggots and all, too bad wasn't going fishing, would have used them as bait
  7. Jafu (Dave) - definitely one of the best baits around when doing a spot of lake or creek fishing. Haven't really taken off here in Australia compared with what they did in the UK forty years ago. In UK nobody really ever went fishing with anything but maggots or casters (cacoons of maggots as they are getting ready to turn into the blowflies)
  8. That was my initial thought too but once the rotten egg smell hit in and I saw a few scattered maggots on the other eggs it was all over red rover.

    I can't eat eggs now full stop cos i just get lock jaw and feel like throwing up.
  9. I was speaking to a bloke the other night who bought a packet of moudly buscuits from Aldi.

    He took it back, and they replaced them - with another mouldy packet.

    He took it back, and they replaced them - with another mouldy packet.

    After the third time he wasn't shopping there again...
  10. The worst part is you can't contact Aldi. Only option is to go in the store and get another pack or a refund. I'm am more dubious of their produce now. I just hope they don't expect me to bring their rotton eggs back. They can clean out their own maggots thanks!
  11. My opinion only - never really liked Aldi, it appears to me that it is a discount place, selling all the leftover produce from other stores and it all appears to be very close to use by date because of that fact. Quite often you never seem to get the same stuff two shopping outings in a row.
  12. Their fruit and veg is a bit off compared to coles and safeway. The lettuces wrapped in plastic is the only thing i like better cos it stays crispy fresh. I have seem moldy tomatos there and the apples are pretty crap. But you cant beat $349 for a brand new 5kg washing machine and $59 for a metal detector thats not a toy, and a full refund or replacement if youre not happy with any of their products within 12 months of purchase on the condition you show a receipt. I think that last thing beats most places, thats why i shop there sometimes.
  13. I don't know what they call maggots when used as bait in the UK, but here in Oz we refer to them as 'Gents', and they are the bees knees for catching Gardies.
  14. There is no pleasing some people, I throw a little extra in and you still complain. :roll: Get a life.
  15. Funny stuff :LOL:.....
  16. take it back and ask for a life time of eggs
  17. Playing Devil's Advocate - I shop there all the time (Werribee store) - NEVER had a problem. Limited options, but a good way to save a few $$.

    Oh yeah, the Byron Bay brand ice cream is about the best you'll get in Australia...
  18. well there you go consistancy :LOL:
    you would think the dick heads would have pulled the rest off the shelf after the second time ?
  19. Bought a bag of apples there last week - two of them were squashed and mouldy.
  20. I've never shopped at Aldi - don't think I will now.

    Always check ya eggs, no matter where you buy them from :)

    And looking at your receipt, good to see you eat healthy :)