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Fresh blood

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kiku, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. This is me finally piping up and saying hello!

    Just another newbie - I got my L's in september - but I have (under the encouragement of Grunge) shown up at one of the friday night coffee meets to say hi and ask questions about starting out as a new rider. It was really nice to meet the people I talked to there - Jarra and Faye and Brian are the names I remember, but I talked to a few more of you and I learned alot that evening, thankyou!

    I've been doing alot of research on getting my first bike (a babyblade RR), and have explored the forums, too. The search continues, but it shall be worth it. :) See you around!
  2. welcome kiku
  3. Welcome fellow rider.. Ask as many questions as you need. Some will give you good advice and others will just give you a good old fashioned laugh.. :LOL:
  4. Yep, we welcome new riders because at some stage we all were new riders, and speaking for myself, I got no advice from anyone when I started out. Whatever you can learn by instruction and someone else's experience shortens the learning curve to your advantage.....
  5. :WStupid:

    Welcome. :wink:
  6. Welcome. I am new too, and it must be said there is a wealth of info here to befound and lots of helpful hints.
  7. Hi everyone

    HI everyone, also new to the forum and it really is a great resource! There is a weatlh of information which has been very useful for me coming from motorcross land on to the road bike scene.

    Started late and got the L's in Sept 06 in Adelaide, riding a CBR250 which I have had no issues with and rides well. Recently purchased, which appears to be a hot topic of discussion here on the site, a hyosung 650GTR. Two weeks old so I can keep everyone posted on the life of it.

    My fiance now has the motorbike bug so she will be riding the CBR now as soon as the licence has been sat.

    As for the experience of road riding it feels great out on the open road so I'm looking forward to some great riding around adelaide!

    Cheers everyone
  8. Welcome Kiku :grin:
  9. Welcome Kiku and Slicks!
    Baby blades can sure be a bit of fun :wink:
  10. Howdy Kiku,
    Enjoy your new found "wealth" of knowledge, get to meet some crazy people & fall in love with all things related to bikes!

    Great to her your beloved is getting her own toy!
    Good on you both :wink:
  11. Welcome to you both, and the babyblades can be a lot of fun :grin:
  12. Welcome Kiku (and Slicks) hope You enjoy.